6 Golden Rules for a Perfect Glowing Skin

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Radiant glowing skin is all that we aim for or more precisely are obsessed for. Always having at least that one woman in our lives who symbolizes the definition of that perfect beauty, we all find ourselves wondering, what’s her secret?  

Perfect glowing skin- An endless obsession

With ageing our skin is bound to lose its glow and smooth texture. Irrespective of age, we are behind perfection when it comes to appearance, be it the perfect hair or perfect skin we are falling for it. But what does it take to have that glowing skin? Well, breaking it down, perfection doesn’t come from a single thing.

Eating a nutritionally sufficient diet, staying hydrated, having healthy skincare habits and a healthy lifestyle all collectively contribute to it. Just like these, many other things such as stress, disturbed sleep and hormonal imbalances all can steal the radiance on your face, say cosmetologists.

Why does skin glow?

Putting it simply, skin glow is simply the rate of skin cell renewal. Skin glow mainly comes as a result of the reflection of light from the skin’s surface. While dull skin tends to diffuse the light rather than reflecting it due to the accumulation of dead skin cells. So, the skin cell turnover is the actual determinant of our skin glow.

How can you get the perfect glowing skin?

However, many home remedies, beauty products and expert skin care tips can help you in revitalizing your skin. I am sure, you too must be having your own home remedy for glowing skin. So, let’s help you more in this case. Therefore, without any further delay, let’s discuss the rules for glowing skin, women with perfect skin live by.

1- Cleansing is the key!

 When it comes to glowing radiant skin, cleaning is the key. Cleansing frees the skin pores from the accumulation of debris and makes the access of sebum oil to the skin surface. Moreover, cleansing also removes the dead skin cells from your skin surface that can eventually lead to dull skin comprising the radiance of your skin.

2- Keep your skin hydrated

Just like your other body cells, your skin cells also require proper hydration. Many hydrating agents can help to provide sufficient water content to your skin. However, a hydrating agent isn’t enough alone. Make sure you protect the hydrating agent layer with a moisturizing agent. Moisturizing agents help to retain the moisture content in your skin cell that accounts for the skin’s ability to reflect the light and appear glowing.

3- Exfoliate well

Another effective way to help your skin glow is by exfoliating it properly. Skin exfoliation offers multiple benefits in both the long and short term. Exfoliation removes the outer dead skin cell’s layer that is responsible for skin dullness and making it diffuse the light. There are many different types of exfoliating agents available in the market. Depending upon your skin type, you can choose a physical or chemical exfoliating agent and use it as instructed.

4- Protect it well with a sunscreen

When it comes to skin protection, the role of sunscreens can’t be denied. Sunscreens, as indicated by the name are applied to the external skin layer and are meant to shield your skin. During outdoor exposures, our skin is exposed to harmful sun rays. Whether they are UVA or UVB rays, the damage caused by them is inevitable that compromises your skin’s glow. However, a sunscreen of a minimum of 30 SPF (sun protection factor) can keep your skin protected against the damage caused by sun rays.

Make sure you apply the sunscreen no matter what is the intensity of sun rays and reapply it after every 2-3 hours for maximum protection.

5- Face massage might help

Next on the list of glowing skin habits is facial massage. Just like body massages, a localized facial massage can also help to improve your skin radiance. A skin massage using a circular motion of the fingers can help to relax the facial muscles. Other than this, it also helps to improve blood circulation which imparts a natural radiance to your facial skin.

6- Eat your way to a glowing skin

Other than right skincare, a healthy diet is all you need for radiant skin. Make sure you load up on natural fruits and vegetables that fulfil the nutritional requirements of your skin. Further, eating foods rich in antioxidants can also protect your skin against hyperpigmentation and other skin damages.

Bottom Line!

 A healthy radiant and glowing skin depends upon multiple factors including the right skincare, healthy foods, proper sleep etc. Make sure you follow the right practices regularly to get yourself closer to your perfect skin.  

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