6 Ways to Extend Laptop Battery Life

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When people choose a laptop over a desktop PC, they usually need the portability or prefer being comfortable on a couch or bed while using their computer. However, even with all their advantages, even a Dell i7 Laptop does eventually run out of power, forcing you to dash to the charger or have your device shut down and possibly lose your data. To provide simple solutions to that problem, here are the 6 Ways to Extend Laptop Battery Life.

Learning to Single Task

When you use several different applications, they take up space on your RAM and use your CPU and GPU to different extents to function. If you’re in the habit of just leaving apps open, your device could start to use your hard drive as virtual memory, which is even more harmful to your battery health. Instead, close all apps you don’t need at the moment, such as syncing-to-browser services and cloud storage apps. If your device has much memory, you can keep the important ones open to avoid loading them again from the HDD.

Minding Your Device’s Airflow

The lithium-polymer batteries used by laptops today are technologically advanced and can quickly provide hours upon hours of battery backup in the right circumstances. However, the extra heat generated will make your battery burn faster, and eventually, you need to plug in the charger. To make sure your laptop has the proper circulation, make sure the vents are properly cleaned every couple of weeks. It’s also a general rule of thumb to try putting the laptop in a position where the vents are completely free and not pressed up against anything.

Changing Your Power Settings

One of the best things about Windows 10 is its customizability, and the same extends to the battery settings present in the OS. The high-performance mode in the laptop’s battery settings consume a lot of battery; however, you can always extend the laptop’s battery life if you turn on the power-saving mode.

Enabling Aeroplane Mode

Aeroplane mode is one of the easiest ways to save your battery for Windows laptops. Suppose you’re doing something that doesn’t need internet access, like editing a document, playing a casual game, or even just watching a saved movie. In that case, you can consider turning on Airplane Mode. Airplane Mode saves massive amounts of battery life since its primary function is to turn off WiFi and BlueTooth. Not only does this save you battery life, but it also turns off processes that use either of them, like push notifications.

Ejecting External Devices, You Don’t Need

When using your laptop wirelessly, you could have some external devices connected to it, like a mouse or a portable keyboard for convenience, pen drives for data transfer, and other kinds of devices. If you want to save power and prolong your laptop’s battery as much as possible, unplug all the external devices. You don’t need to make sure your Dell i7 Laptop isn’t using valuable battery power for these devices.

Carrying a Battery Backup

Laptop batteries degrade over time and can go down to even just an hour of backup battery if used for long enough. Carrying a battery backup for laptops is the most expensive option on this list, but it’s also the most efficient. Today’s battery backups can store a large amount of power, and in many cases, can provide your laptop with more than half of its used battery back! In addition, battery backups can be used across multiple laptops or even different types of devices like tablets or smartphones as a bonus.

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