8 Reasons why people are more interested in oneplus phones

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OnePlus phones aren’t just popular, but the demand for them is deafening, and it’s only increasing with the advent of 5g connectivity in phones. Offering much better specs than other companies at lower prices, OnePlus has thus taken control of today’s 5g mobiles market and probably will be at the top of its game soon. 

However, the specs aren’t the only reason for them being famous. Factors like price efficiency, availability, and other things play a large part in it as well. Consult the list below to know the real eight reasons why people are more interested in oneplus phones:

OnePlus promises to never deliver subpar quality on any of its devices, which is precisely why almost all OnePlus phones are flagship devices with the latest hardware. 

Their lower price makes them an appealing option even for people with large budgets due OnePlus’ longstanding commitment to the quality of its phones. A OnePlus phone price is always lower than the latest models from companies like Samsung or Apple.

  1. Better Performance When Compared to Latest Samsung Models

When considering the specs of a phone, it’s always important to consider the RAM. It helps users multitask efficiently without any lag or added delay. 6GB to 8GB of RAM is the least for a flagship phone. OnePlus recognizes that people switch between apps quickly and designs 5g mobiles with more RAM than its peers. The extra RAM makes the OnePlus phones feel great and easy to use.

  • Beautiful, Simplistic Design 

A familiar note of appeal in OnePlus phones is their simplistic yet beautiful design. With a cheap oneplus phone price, OnePlus phones come in muted and vibrant colors to suit different tastes. A particular example would have to be the OnePlus 3, which got high reviews for being one of the only phones of its time to combine flawless performance, the latest specs, and a beautiful, eye-catching design.

  • An iPhone Style Silent Switch

The iPhones are some of the most expensive 5g mobiles out there in the market. Usually, whether you should get one depends entirely on your budget. One of OnePlus’ best points is that they take inspiration from other companies to improve their models. You can see this in the iPhone-style silent switch found on OnePlus phones, allowing you to instantly switch between general and silent modes. 

  • Absence of Bloatware on OxygenOS

OnePlus phones use the company’s system, OxygenOS. A simple, cleaner version of the widespread Android OS, a star point that makes OnePlus phones even smoother is that OxygenOS has no bloatware. When compared to the unwanted built-in apps you find on other Android phones, OxygenOS keeps devices faster and lag-free without the need to refresh the device every day!

  • Mass Availability and Direct Access From OnePlus’ Website

OnePlus fully embraced Internet marketing to offer its elegant, simplistic devices to people around the world. You don’t have to visit a shop to buy one of these devices and can instead order one right off the Internet today. While this makes for a more convenient buying process, it also eliminates the middle-man and saves the customer many different fees, costs and markups by the retailer.

  • An Easy Way to Choose The Model For You

Unlike other 5g mobiles companies, OnePlus doesn’t have a hundred different series and miniseries of phones. Instead, they have two: OnePlus’ eponymous numbered series with flagship components and the Nord series focusing more on the mid-tier market and price efficiency. 

The OnePlus 9 flagship phone comes packed with the latest Snapdragon 888 processor. You can also choose between the slightly more expensive OnePlus 9 Pro if you have a larger budget or the OnePlus 9R if you have a smaller budget.

Even though OnePlus phones are usually made for the mid-tier market, with prices kept competitively low, it’s not always possible to buy one outright.

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