9 Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

9 Tips To Help You Quit Smoking


Approximately eighty percent of the New Year resolutions do not hold past the second week of February. However, if you have decided on quitting smoking, then keeping the resolution will be more challenging than you know.

However, your chances of success in this process can be heightened if you are better prepared for it and have the right kind of support. So, here, we will address some practical tips that can help you quit smoking.


Find a reason to quit.

To do anything in life, you need strong motivation. So, for you to be able to quit smoking, you need a reason to stop. Your reason can be anything, but it should be powerful enough to keep you motivated to quit.


‘My wife was pregnant with our baby girl, and I could not smoke in front of her because it was bad for her and our unborn child’s health. So, I used this as motivation and decided on quitting. Our daughter is five years old now, and I have not smoked a single cigarette since that day,’ shares Justin, an online reviewer who works with a platform where you can find shavers and razors review, such as the best goatee trimmers. 


Be kind to yourself

There is a good possibility that before you came here for the tips to quit smoking, you have already tried or contemplated quitting, but for some reason or other, it just didn’t work out. Does this sound like you? Well, trust us when we say this; you are not alone.


Regardless of how many times you have failed in your attempt to quit smoking, do not let that put you off. Look back, and consider all of the things, which that experience taught you, where you fell week, and try again.


‘See, the undeniable truth is quitting smoking is not going to be easy – Not today, and certainly not a few years down the lane. It is because all tobacco products have an addictive chemical known as nicotine in them. So, smokers and other tobacco consumers are addicted to having this chemical in their bodies.


When they do not smoke for a while, they start experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety and insomnia. Because of these withdrawal symptoms, it only gets harder for you to quit smoking. However, know that over time, these symptoms will wither away.


So, give your body some time to adapt to these changes, and it won’t be long when you are nicotine-free,’ comments Brian, an online reviewer who did the best trout reels review.


Understand your triggers, and learn to combat them

Some of the common smoking triggers in most people are – finishing a project, digesting a meal, having coffee, drinking alcohol with buddies, and going on a long drive. Trust us when we say this; the list is way longer than this. There are so many people, places, and things that can trigger you to smoke. Smoking cessation is already difficult, and these triggers only make it harder.


To deviate your mind from thoughts of smoking, you need to indulge in activities that focus on your mind and hands. However, do ensure that the activities that you pick are neither fattening nor taxing.


So, try out things, such as sewing, solitaire, crossword puzzle, or computer games. If you tend to smoke following a meal, replace it with fruit, call a friend, or go for a walk. A distraction is one of the best ways to subside the triggers.


So, try to identify the triggers and decide how you plan to combat them as and when you choose to quit smoking.


Opt for nicotine replacement therapy

Sit down with your doctor, and seek guidance on nicotine replacement therapy. Some of the options that you can try are:


  • OTC nicotine patches, lozenges, and gum
  • Nicotine inhaler or nasal spray
  • Prescription non-nicotine medications for smoking cessation, such as varenicline and bupropion.


Generally speaking, short-acting nicotine replacement therapies, such as nicotine inhalers, nasal sprays, lozenges, and gums, can undoubtedly help you subside your nicotine cravings. Further, these alternatives to quit smoking are safe to use.


However, for best results, you must use them combined with long-acting treatment measures, such as non-nicotine medications and nicotine patches.


In the past one or two decades, e-cigarettes have also garnered a lot of attention, and they are believed to be a lucrative alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, there is not enough research on them to conclude that they can help you quit smoking.


Throw away the cigarettes in your car

‘When I decided to quit smoking, I decided to throw away might lighter, cigarette pack, and ashtray from my car. I had an hour-long drive to and fro to work, where I was alone. This used to be might biggest trigger to smoke. So, I just got rid of everything.


Of course, I failed a couple of times, but when I tried in combination with NRT, I finally found some success,’ shares Chris, an online reviewer who did the best no tank toilet review.


Keep yourself busy

Try to replace your unhealthy habit of smoking with a healthy practice, such as exercise. To keep your hands busy and distract your mind, you can even pick a hobby, such as learning to play the guitar.


When you are free, instead of going out with your smoker gang, step out for a movie with your group of non-smoker friends. So, the idea is to keep yourself busy, so you do not even get thoughts of smoking.


Chew on it

To combat your tobacco cravings, you need to give your mouth something that can subside it. So, for this, you can consider chewing on hard candy, sugar-free gum, raw carrots, sunflower seeds, celery, or nuts. Anything crunchy and satiating can be helpful.


Indulge in relaxation techniques

For me, smoking was a way to relax and de-stress myself. So, instead of smoking, I sought refuge in alternative and healthy relaxation practices, such as yoga, massage, meditation, and listening to music. These therapies were my biggest support in my attempt to quit smoking,’ shares Raun, an online educator who offers the best immunology course online. 



Seek help

If none of the above-listed methods are working for you, it is best to seek help from people you trust and love. Communicate with them whenever you are dwindling from your goal. They will always root for you and motivate you to keep at it.


However, if there is no one you can talk to, you can join a support group. There are so many people like you who are trying to quit. So, being around people experiencing the same troubles as you can certainly help you quit faster.

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