Best Cat Breeds For First Time Pet Owners

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Best Cat Breeds For First Time Pet Owners

Is there ever the right moment to get a pet, to find a loving companion that will never leave your side and offer a supportive cuddle any time that you may need it? There can be no perfect moment to plan and bring a pet into the home, if you want it, then get it. And if you have children they will be all too happy to hear the news, am I right?

A home filled with children and pets has different magic about it, the air is always filled with energy, laughter, and sometimes screaming, but it all adds to the joy of making memories. You may have grown up with a pet and want that same experience and bond for your kids, but now that you have the decision to make it can seem a bit scary.

Is there one pet that is easier to maintain than the next? As a first-time pet owner, you need to think about your current schedule (and we all know life can certainly get busy) and find an animal that you believe you can take care of the best of your ability while staying on track with life.



A pet that needs a lot of attention and 2 walks minimum a day might not be the best option for you right now, and even more so if you have carpool, housework, and need to somehow make time for dinner. You ideally want a self-sufficient animal (yes they do exist) and who needs the attention when it suits them, like a cat.

Cats are excellent house pets, they are friendly and settle well into new environments, however, some breeds tend to be possessive and territorial of their owners so looking into whether you want a pedigree or rare breed should be your first step. Take a look at for a quick guide into the choices and varieties available and this way when you have read up on the varying kinds you will get a good idea of what personality type would suit you.

Research and homework are key when taking on the task of choosing your first pet, you need to enjoy the moments together and not be stressing about if you are doing things correctly or completely making a mess of it. Keep in mind that we are all human and we make mistakes, if we learn from them then half the battle is won, now you’ll know how to do it better next time around.


Are you ready?

How do you know that although you have done hours of late nights thinking about which cat to choose or which would be a good fit for the family, have you considered if you are ready to take on the responsibility?

Is there a way to know that now is the time, thankfully, there are indicators to help make the decision that much easier, let’s look at what some of those are.

  • Research. As mentioned this is a must, like with any new adventure, finding out everything there is to know about what you are about to get yourself into will make the process more enjoyable. There will be no scary surprises. This combined with talking to other people who have cats and how they found the home adjustment and what they did and which you could do to make everyone feel comfortable.
  • Time. Another big factor. Are you going to be able to make it home in time for dinner, to refresh their food and water bowls? To clean their litter trays for a fresh bathroom break, and brush or stroke them for grooming and bonding? These may seem like small points but they can be the deciding factor to a harmonious relationship between you and your new four-legged friend. Take a moment to click here and read an interesting blog article on the topic.
  • Scratch proof. Yes, cats like to scratch things, rub themselves up against furniture, and if possible try to scotch guard and kitty-proof the home as much as you can. Perhaps get them their own scratch post and toys to entertain themselves and play with them with these things so they know it’s theirs and not to use the sofa as their personal post.
  • Learning.Be open to taking advice and guidance as you adjust your life and routine to fit your new furball in, hearing what other pet owners have to say will help you incorporate some of the tips into their physical and mental aspects but their diet too. Food plays just an integral part as the home-readiness element.
  • Thankfully cats are pretty good at keeping themselves clean and groomed but this doesn’t mean to say that you don’t look into it regularly. Vet check-ups will now have to be on the calendar, nail and teeth checks, and overall well-being. There are some great tips on how to clean your pet cat and keep your home clean with them around too which will keep you on track.



If you feel you have it under control you most likely do, and there is always something new to learn along the way. Sit down with the family and have a discussion, helping the kids understand that it is everyone’s job to care for the house pet and to take turns with their chores, and this way your kitty will be feeling the love from everyone in no time.


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