4 Unusual Marketing Ideas You Might Not Have Thought of

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Marketing your business is not always smooth sailing, and more often than not, entrepreneurs tend to opt for the same marketing strategies as every other business within their industry. However, to make your company stand out, you must be able to opt for creative and unusual marketing ideas, as these can draw customers to you and ensure that you can dominate your industry. So then, here are some of the most unusual marketing ideas that you might not have thought of previously.

Engraved Bricks

If you have recently decided to start a fundraising campaign to help raise capital for a new project or your business’s growth, you might have chosen to entice doners by offering them an engraved brick in your building if they give you a large sum of money. However, the engraved bricks that Brick Markers USA offer can be combined with your marketing campaign. For instance, donors may display any mini bricks or replicas that you give them in their own office or house, which can give you a way to passively advertise your business in places that you have previously been cut off from. In addition, engraved bricks with your company name on them can also promote your business by signaling to passers-by where your offices are, which could spark their interest in your brand.


Although you might be reluctant to give products away, contests can be a great way to promote your business and the kinds of products that you offer. Contests can generate interest in your company, and competition entries may even go viral on social media. Rather than simply hosting social media giveaways, you should try to make your contests more engaging. For instance, you might ask entrants to film a short video of themselves performing a certain action or ask them to enter a photo of themselves using a product from your company.


Another unusual marketing strategy that you should try is staging a short performance. This can be in the form of a flash mob or something similar, and you should look for crowded places to do this to ensure that as many people see your performance as possible. However, you should be aware that you might need a permit to perform in certain locations, especially if you are planning to add music to the performance of the agreement of the owner, such as in the case of shopping malls.

Creative Content

When you think of content marketing, you may think solely of blog posts. There are many ways that you can make your content marketing campaigns innovative, however. For instance, you could consider creating short videos or web series that advertise your business or focus on your niche. You might also consider using graphics and infographics, as well as interactive content such as games and quizzes that can draw people to your website and allow them to find out more about your company in a fun and engaging manner.

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Create a newsletter

Publish a regular e-newsletter to your existing customer base – if you have their permission to contact them, that is. Tell people about what you’re doing and any new products or services you’ve launched. It’ll keep you on their radar and encourage repeat business.

Write a blog

Blogs are great opportunities to not only extend your digital marketing strategy by creating a whole range of long-tail keywords, SEO-wise. They’re also a good chance to show off your expertise while building trust. Keep your blog updated with quality content, and both Google and web visitors will love you for it.

Cold call

Start each day by following up any new leads or making several cold calls. It’s always good to keep your marketing on track and investigate new opportunities that might come your way.

Carry business cards

Don’t ever leave home without your business cards. You never know who you might meet. Make sure your business cards contain all your relevant information, including your website address and any social media accounts you might have.

Offer mini versions

Consider creating a ‘mini’ version of your product or service at a discounted rate. It will entice new or existing customers to part with their cash and might even lead to long-term business relationships.

Use Twitter

Twitter is often referred to as the business-friendly social media platform because it’s a great way to start networking online while giving your brand personality. But there’s a right and wrong way to go about tweeting, so don’t forget some basic Twitter etiquette.

Get testimonials

Nothing works better for your marketing than having a genuine testimonial from a happy client. If you haven’t yet added testimonials to your website or marketing materials, do it now! Just make sure you ask full permission first.

Make friends with influential bloggers

There’s a wealth of new blogs out there, so get researching and find some influential bloggers to make friends with. Get them to write a review about your business, product or service, if you can.

Advertise on blogs

Investigate online advertising opportunities by researching where your target market likes to go. Are there any blogs that appeal to your customers? Contact the blog owner and sponsor them in exchange for advertising space.

Write link-bait blogs

Make the most of your blog by writing posts that naturally encourage people to link to them. The more people who recommend your articles, the more traffic you’ll attract to your website.

Make the most of your email signature

Link everything up by adding links to your website and social media accounts from your email signature. Even consider adding your main marketing message or company slogan. Remind people why you’re so great.

Sponsor an awards ceremony

Although often an expensive option, sponsoring awards can get your business out there. Remember, not all awards are expensive. There are always niche award ceremonies that better suit your business and budget.

Sponsor a competition

There are often media competitions. Consider sponsoring one of them to raise your profile. You’ll not only advertise your brand and company name, but you’ll also be putting yourself in front of a much wider market.

Give something away

Got something you can offer in a competition? Newspapers and magazines will give you free editorial space in exchange for a prize. Just be aware they’ll always want minimum prize values.

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