Commercial Cryovac Machine: What It is and How Do You Use It?

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Commercial Cryovac Machine: What It is and How Do You Use It?

An average household in Australia dumps 4.9 kg of food every week. In a world where poverty and hunger form an unsolvable riddle, wastage of food of such magnitude is pure reckless.

The most viable solution for food wastage comes in a simple packaging called Commercial Cryovac Machine. It’s best to seal the food using a vacuum sealer in a plastic bag to be consumed later.

Don’t you worry about the heavy name it has. The uses will blow your mind!

Let’s have a glimpse of how helpful this machine can be for you!

What is a Cryovac Machine, and What are its Types?

A Cryovac Machine is a vacuum sealer equipment used in commercial and personal space to store food items in a sealed packet. It works by removing the air content inside the container with food and closing the mouth of the pack by heating the edges.

Who would have thought saving food could be so easy?

They come in two varieties; Chamber and Suction Cryovac Machine

Chamber Cryovac Machine

It’s a small counter-top machine with a chamber inside to store and seal the food packets. It doesn’t use suction to create a vacuum inside the package. It securely locks by creating a balance of air pressure both inside and outside the pack. For this reason, it makes for the best sealer to pack solid and liquid items.

Suction Cryovac Machine

It is also called External Vacuum Sealer because it packages the bag from outside. The bag is kept in front of the machine, and it sucks the air out of it before sealing. It is the ideal choice for storing solid and frozen food items.

Both of these machines can be used at home and in commercial spaces. Although, Chamber Machine is better to seal and store more variety of items.

What are the Advantages of Using a Cryovac Machine?

Food is the resource everyone relies upon at every stage of our lives. Any wastage is a hint towards an imbalance in the distribution of such an essential resource.

A few advantages that you can receive by using a vacuum sealer are:

  • Cost Efficiency: The amount of food wasted by an average Australian in a week makes for a meal for each day of the week. Storing the extra food will ensure that you utilize the food resource sustainably.
  • Nutrition and Taste Retention: The food stored in the refrigerator loses out on various nutrients because of the storing process. Packaging them in a tight airbag can help you save the taste and essential nutrients.
  • Protection and Safety: Keeping your food in a packet will help store it better while ensuring germs can’t reach it. It will also protect from freezer burn and dehydration of the food.
  • Quick Organization: Prepare meals for the week in advance and keep them right away in an airtight bag. Even storing the raw material for easy accessibility is now a possibility.


Sustainability is the best thing we can do for our ecosystem. Even before that, a responsible action of using a commercial cryovac machine awaits. It is the best in reducing food wastage on a large scale. Moreover, it’s adept at keeping you happy by keeping your food fresh and nutritious.

Isn’t this a happy deal?

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