Costing of Roller Shutters for Warehouse

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Roller shutters provide privacy, energy efficiency, protection from harmful rays, and security. The price of the roller shutters depends on the material used, the actual size of the shutter built, how long the shutter is going to last, and all the accessories that come with it. Steel as a material provides better rigidity but it is way heavier than its alternatives. Small manual shutters cost much less as compared to larger electric-powered versions.

There are three types of Roller Shutters:


These are very popular among homeowners as they are affordable and easy to operate. This provides a massive advantage during power cuts, as no one needs to rely on any power sources to operate the roller shutter. Manual operation of the crank is enough.


An election has to be hired to install electric shutters. Their systems have automated remote control facilities, by just pressing the remote button one can adjust or operate these. These can help in saving a lot of effort and time.


Roller shutters run by batteries contain lithium-ion batteries which have a long life cycle and they can be operated from one single panel which makes them very convenient and easy to operate.

Factors on which costing of Roller Shutters depend:

  1. Manufacturer’s cost
  2. The type of roller shutter bought (domestic, cyclone, or security)
  3. Manual, electric, or battery roller shutters
  4. The size of the roller shutters.

One can get a more customized look by asking manufacturers to powder coat roller shutters in the color of choice for an extra fee.

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Cyclone shutters may cost up to more than domestic shutters. Roller shutters operated by batteries are more expensive than electric roller shutters but they provide the added benefit of lower electricity bills, which in turn helps in saving money every month.

Installation cost

If you buy roller shutters from a company that specifically produces them, then they provide you with an installation quote. If you decide that your roller shutters be delivered to your place, a worker can come and install them for you. If you opt for an installer you also need to keep in your mind several other factors such as the time it takes for the worker to travel and the difficulty of the installation can also shoot the cost up. Most of the time an electrician is needed for the installation of all the components which also affects the cost. The cost of installing one roller shutter is sometimes more than the cost of installing many rolling shutters because there are so many factors that come into play. Rolling shutter price India varies according to different customization and installation costs as installation costs are location-specific.


Determining a “standard” price is challenging because there are no standard windows. They can be installed on the interior or exterior of a window in a range of sizes and colors. So, the bottom line comes out to be that when you install a roller shutter you not only improve the aesthetic value of your property but also improve your own well-being and state of mind.

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