CVV Shop: Only buy from trustworthy CVV shops

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Choosing a trustworthy shop is at least as important. It is best to never order from shops that appear dubious to you. Even a strange looking website should worry you. For example, watch out for spelling mistakes. Online fraudsters from abroad are sometimes at work that does not have the websites translated professionally. When choosing a provider, it is best to look at different seals of approval and customer ratings. If you don’t know a shop, it is worth doing a quick Google search. You can also find out whether the respective shop is reputable or not with a look at the imprint or the general terms and conditions.

Also make sure that your chosen CVV shop is the real website. Even large and well-known shops have had to deal with attacks on their own identity. In this case, scammers simply copy the provider’s website and basically make it look the same.

Online shopping securely

So that you can shop securely on the Internet with your credit card, you should first check the web address of the shop. Pay particular attention to typing errors. If you are unsure, we recommend doing a Google search again. Basically, you should always invest too much rather than too little time to check the seriousness of a website.

Pay attention to the SSL encryption when shopping online

You have never heard of the term “Secure Socket Layer”? No problem, most consumers do. But the acronym SSL is much more important. The so-called SSL encryption guarantees you the highest level of security when shopping on the Internet. If this is the case, nobody can access the data flow from your PC to the shop. If, on the other hand, there is no SSL encryption, third parties can theoretically also access the data. But how do you actually find out whether there is such an encryption? This can be seen quite easily from the browser line. There you should pay attention to two different aspects.

Graphic url

On the one hand, the web address itself is relevant. Here you can recognize SSL encryption by the fact that it begins with “https: //” (marked yellow in the graphic). Above all, the delimitation is important here. Because on many websites the beginning of the address is still “http: //”. The decisive factor here is the small “s” at the end. This guarantees you security when paying with your credit card on the Internet. In addition, if SSL encryption is active, you will see a lock to the left of the web address (marked in red in the graphic). Make sure this lock is closed. The lock is often shown open when you are on a page with simple “http: //” encryption.

What mistakes can I make when paying on the Internet?

If you are shopping on the Internet for the first time, you should not only check the reliability of the shop and website. When paying by credit card on the Internet, you should also ensure that you do not fall for the tricks of fraudsters.

Top tip : never give out your credit card details via email or text messaging services. Of course, this applies above all to so-called phishing e-mails: In these you will be asked to submit your credit card details for a payment. It is best to delete this type of email immediately and mark it as spam. Remember that an online store would never email you to ask for credit card information.

However, you should also be careful if you want to give your credit cards to friends or family members. While this is generally not recommended for security reasons, the data should never be transmitted exclusively via the Internet. It is best to divide a transmission of the data over several channels. Ideally, you transmit the data personally. However, there is always a certain risk when you hand over your own credit card details.

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