Dürr Air Pollution Control Systems: Breaking new ground in containing industrial emissions

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Air pollution is one of the prime concerns globally. It refers to harmful gases and particulate matter in the air, posing a considerable risk to human health. Emissions caused by industrial units and vehicles are two significant contributors to air pollution today.

The air pollution levels have increased manifold in the last few decades due to rapid industrialization, exponential growth in vehicular traffic and deforestation on a large scale. The harmful effects of air pollution can now be seen in changes in weather patterns all across the globe and increased incidences of health problems caused by inhaling poor quality air.

According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) report, nearly seven million people face death each year due to air pollution. Nine out of ten human beings breathe air that exceeds the WHO healthy air quality limitations. Moreover, air pollutants such as mercury, benzene, dioxins and lead pose substantial health risks for human beings and animals.

Durr, one of the world’s leading plant and mechanical engineering firms, is at the forefront of helping the industry cut down on emissions and reduce carbon footprint. Dürr provides efficient systems in environmental technology, particularly for exhaust air purification. Air Pollution Control systems created by Dürr separate the pollutants from the exhaust air to stop solid particles from being released into the air.

The processes formulated by Dürr to enable industries to contain air pollution include:

1) Oxi.X – Thermal processes

The thermal processes use combustion to withdraw pollutants from exhaust air. This procedure involves turning the pollutants in exhaust air into non-inert substances at particular temperatures, which helps decontaminate air.

2) Sorpt.X – Sorptive processes

Under Sorptive processes, when the exhaust air comes in contact with the instrument where the contaminant dissolves more efficaciously than in the air, the pollutant advances into the instrument, and clean air can be released from the system. For countries like India, where pollution levels surpass the restricted air pollution limit, Dürr’s Air Pollution Control System Maintenance Services offer verified solutions for emission control by deploying both absorption and adsorption technologies.

3) Part.X – Separation processes

Countless manufacturing processes generate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Dürr’s Consultancy services offer environmental technologies to contain the emission of VOCs, HAPs and poisonous gases and matter. Dürr has built up a strong legacy by offering highly consistent, trustworthy and energy systems for controlling simple, large and highly complicated industrial operations.

Durr’s Air Pollution Control systems such as Venturi scrubbers, wet or dry electrostatic precipitators and distillation equipment minimize air pollution.

4) Cat.X – Catalytic processes

Catalytic processes are those procedures that require the application of a catalyst to reduce the amount of activation energy essential for attaining a reaction. Dürr renders many catalytic air pollution control services.

Cat.X PH purifies exhaust gases built under high pressure.

Cat.X CF extracts sulphur, dust or nitrogen oxide from exhaust air

Cat.X PL eliminates VOCs from exhaust air

 – Cat.X RO systems decrease the pollutant levels and vexatious odours present in the defiled air

 -Cat.X CR processes exhaust gases where high Nitrogen oxide levels are wanted.

Durr is incessantlyredefining the frontiers of Air Pollution Control systems in India with his offerings that include wet and dry services for controlling various pollutant emissions like dioxins and furans, acid rains, odour management etc.

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