Elegant Dress Up Ideas According to Body Types 

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Elegant Dress Up Ideas According to Body Types 

Women’s fashion choices have evolved through the years, including the garment used and styles. There was a dramatic change of styles beginning in the 1950’s from street style to bolder dresses. It is a piece of great evidence that women loved to dress up to look more impressive. However, finding the most suitable dress for your body type can be challenging. Reconsidering your body shape is necessary to select from unlimited options of Women’s dresses for any event.

Follow these tips to guide you in choosing the best head-turning dresses.

Know Your Body Shape 

Determining a woman’s body shape is vital when picking out a dress. Meaning you should know your measurements. Measure your bust, waist, and hips firsthand to determine the size and find the right outfit that matches your body’s proportions. Find your body shape below.

  • Pear Body Shape

If you have a triangular body shape with large hips and a small bust, you have a pear body shape. Wear a dress that will accentuate your waist, and avoid balloon dresses.

  • Hourglass Body Shape

Do you have a well-defined waist and almost equal bust and hip measurements? Your body is shaped like an hourglass. Thus, wearing flowy dresses can display your perfect curves. In addition, getting rid of loose dresses in your closet will free up more space for new ones that suit you better.

  • Oval Body Shape 

It is the opposite of a pear body shape with a larger bust and narrow hips. It also has no well-defined waist, though the legs are slender. Wearing a wrap-around dress is highly recommended, and mini dresses to show off the legs.

  • Skinny Body Shape 

You belong to the skinny body shape if you have a perfect contour between the pelvis and shoulder with slim legs and arms. Plenty of dresses could match this body type but avoid wearing skin-tight and loose-fitting dresses, as they may not look flattering on you.

  • Apple Body Shape

This body shape refers to having more weight on the upper part of the body, meaning the hip down to the legs looks slimmer. Look no further than A-line and short dresses and avoid shapeless outfits.

Dressing Up to Match Your Body Type 

Below are the suitable dresses to wear for each body type:

  • Bodycon Dresses 

This kind of dress is tight-fitting and is ideal for an hourglass body shape. It is made of flexible fabric to deliver a figure-hugging outfit. If you have a bloated tummy, an easy way to conceal it is to tie a jacket around your waist.

  • Maxi Dresses 

It is a long dress that is comfortable and easy to pair up with various accessories like long jewelry pieces. It is also figure-hugging and best worn on the beach.

  • Midi Dresses 

It is in between mini and maxi dress intended for formal events because of its modest style. It fits well with all body shape with the right pair of flat sandals. However, the dress won’t look good with boots.

  • Mini Dresses 

If you have slender legs, flaunt them by wearing mini dresses. Show your playful side with this dress as it is less conservative than the previous ones. However, mini dresses are perfect for the summer when you want to expose some skin and feel comfortable with the weather.

  • Casual Dresses

This dress is usually designed with light fabrics that you can pull off anytime and anywhere. It is a great addition to your closet, no matter your body type.

The list goes on for Women’s dresses, but that is all for this post. Undoubtedly, dresses best fit a particular body shape that many people neglect to consider. Measuring your body parts, such as hips, waist, and bust, help you find the right dress for you.

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