What Are the Top Most Important 5 Elements That Can Give Your Home A Luxury Look

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Decorating a home is as fun as it’s necessary. All of us would like to have a professional interior designer who would know exactly what to do to make a home look chic and modern. For most of us, however, it is not possible. It can be quite frustrating to understand which pieces your home might need or changes that had to occur to achieve that put-together and glamorous aesthetic you desire. There are a few elements that might help your home exude sophistication without having to spend a fortune on professionals and their expensive choices. Some strategic styling techniques are followed by most interior designers all over the world. These are five things you can keep in mind while decorating your home to give it a look of both comfort and luxury.

·       Swapping textures and colors-

The same color throughout a room and similar fabric on every item make a room look boring and old. Color blocking is a popular trend and for good reason. If you have a neutral-colored wall try to introduce different colors through the furniture. Colored pillows, sofas, sheets, etc. are a great way to make a room look lively and fun. If your living room is bright red or dark blue, getting a light beige tv stand adds dimension. If you’re a fan of monochrome, playing with different hues is also an option. The same can be done through textures. If you have satin or cotton pillows, pair those with a leatherette sofa. With linens on the bed, go with a ruffled duvet.

·       Changing the hardware-

It might seem a little extreme but it’s worth it. You don’t have to swap out everything you own, smaller and older things can easily be replaced. Many people have old cotton or felt couches d. Switch that out with a gorgeous leatherette sofa which is a more modern option. A new study table of dark wood or a metallic tea table makes your home look chic and luxurious.

·       Declutter-

It is quite important for your home to be clutter-free. Donate things that you haven’t used in a few years. If your home still has a lot of random boxes, get furniture with storage options. If you’re getting a new bed, make sure there is storage space underneath. Instead of mounting your tv on the wall get a tv stand with storage underneath.

·       Lighting-

Getting proper lighting does wonders for a room. Stylish new lights are more glamorous than boring tube lights. Get LED standing lights beside your sofa. Make sure your bedroom is warm and cozy with fairy lights, soft table lamps, and ceiling lights. Getting a good table lamp for your study table is also important.

·       Greenery-

People are obsessed with plants in their homes. Monochrome is a favorite aesthetic and introducing a beautiful house plant in such a room makes it look more fresh and sophisticated. They’re a refreshing styling piece in living rooms and study rooms that brighten up the place.

If anybody keeps these elements in mind, it’s very easy to turn your home around. With these tips, you can live in the chic and luxurious home of your dreams.


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