How does gaming affect your eyesight? Is there a solution?

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Does gaming damage your eyes? Well, there isn’t any strong evidence to make this claim. However, gaming does lead to a set of temporary negative effects on your vision. 

As you can tell that gaming is a visually demanding activity and if you do it more than your eyes can take, it may lead to temporary vision problems. 

How could gaming possibly affect your eyes?

Playing games requires you to look at your monitor which is nothing but a digital device. If you don’t know, let us tell you that every digital screen emits blue light which is not supportive of your eye health.

Blue light reduces the contrast on the screen and thus drops focus. Your eyes struggle even more to see the text or images on your monitor clearly. While your smartphone and tablets have this light in less amount and intensity, your ultrawide 4K gaming monitors throw away this light in huge amounts. 

When you spend hours and hours in front of a screen, your eyes get tired and may even start to hurt. It hampers your visual acuity which will affect your performance. 

Could something be done about it?

You can’t aspire to be a professional gamer if you are constantly bothered by eye pain and fatigue. 

You must see an eye doctor and seek medical aid. Ask them if you can use gaming glasses to reduce screen time effects on your eyes. If they say yes, you can find good quality and affordable pairs of gaming glasses in the UK at online eyewear stores. 

What are gaming glasses?

If you also play video games in a dark room, you may end up exposing your eyes to even more harmful blue light. As the contrast between your bright screen and darkroom is so high, your eyes struggle to adjust to the change. 

Gaming glasses are just like a regular pair of blue light glasses. They have blue light filters on the lenses which protect your eyes from digital eye strain. However, they are specifically designed to go with other gaming essentials such as a headset. 

Even if you don’t play video gamers but look at screens for the most part of your day, you must consider getting computer glasses. They protect your eyes from harmful blue light and also optimise your vision so you can see the screen with better visual clarity.

How do gaming glasses work?

As we have said, gaming glasses work like just any pair of blue light glasses. The protective coating on the lenses absorbs the blue light so it doesn’t reach your eyes. The only difference being the style and build of these glasses.

Since you may live stream your game, you need to be presentable. Thus, gaming glasses are stylish and give an edge to your style. Also, they are compatible with over-ear headphones so your head doesn’t hurt from increased pressure from both sides. 

Your regular prescription glasses or varifocals are not competent to fight off blue light. Thus, you need gaming glasses to protect your eyes from screen time damage. 

Benefits of gaming glasses

If you are thinking about whether these glasses are worth your money, knowing their benefits may help you make up your mind. 

  • They will keep your eyes safe from blue light. These are available in both clear and tinted lenses so you can choose based on your vision requirements. 
  • They will also reduce glare thus enhancing your vision by letting you see the vivid colours on the screen.
  • They also fix your focus so you can improve your performance in fast-paced games. 
  • They will cut down eye strain and help you put more hours to hone your skills. 
  • People with a dry eye problem often find screen time rather uncomfortable. Gaming glasses may ease down your dry eye problem so it doesn’t affect your efficiency.
  • Even when you need vision correction and wear spectacles, you can add your prescription to gaming lenses. 

Whether you are a pro gamer or have a dream to be one someday, you’ll need your vision to excel at your art. Do not let blue light hurt your vision. Wear gaming glasses and put up a tough fight for your competitors. 

Gaming glasses don’t have to be non-prescription. If you have a refractive error, you can add your prescription strength to these lenses. This way, you can see clearly without letting all that blue light come your way. 

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