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You might be looking at your cabinets and thinking they need replacement. Well, you are right if your cabinets are showing marks and wear. But, fixing some of the stuff is not going to be enough. In this case, you got to have Forevermark cabinets. They are the most high-quality cabinets by all means.  

Moreover, you should know more about the qualities of high-quality forevermark cabinets. It is not just about the wood or the design. In addition to that, their frames, craft, and form are also vital to consider. The hinges of drawers and doors must be soft and movable. And above all, storage is of great importance. 

So, if you want to spot high-quality cabinets from afar, consider the factors below:

  1. Plywood construction
  2. Full back panels
  3. Soft-close hinges
  4. Soft-close drawers
  5. Hardwood boxes
  6. Solid frame Forevermark cabinets
  7. Custom modification
  8. Lifetime warranty

From all the top materials, plywood is the most durable wood for cabinets. Most of the high-quality cabinets consist of all plywood. However, particleboard is also a good cabinet material, but the former one is the best. Plywood can resist weather and internal damages. Also, it can carry the weight of heavy kitchen counters. This material has more power to hold screws and nuts. In the same way, it can also stand high moisture levels in kitchens and bathrooms. 

  • Full back panels:

As much as the cabinet frames are essential, back panels are vital as well. Those high back panels support the cabinet boxes, which makes them easy to install. The strength of the back lets them last longer than you think. That is why plywood back panels are the best choice to make them standstill. So, from top to bottom, and side-to-side length must be firm. This feature makes them high-quality cabinets.

  • Soft-close hinges:

If you spot cabinet doors that do not open and close softly, they are low-quality cabinets. Soft-close hinges are the top quality of standard cabinets. So, stiff or loose cabinet hinges mean weak construction. In addition, flexible hinges are the best ones. If they move in six ways, they are of top quality. Also, the door hinges must stand seasonal change as the wood may swell due to moisture. 

  • Soft-close drawers:

Not only doors, but the drawers must be smooth as well. If the drawer glides are smooth and soft to move, they are of high quality. Also, their daily use will not be a problem. But if the drawers are loose or too hard, they will come off the frame in no time. That is why it is vital to check the open and close mechanism of drawers and doors. Mount or under-mount, they must be adjustable. 

  • Hardwood boxes:

Keep in mind that the first thing that falls in cabinetry is the drawers. If the drawers are bowing downwards, you need high-quality cabinets. The drawers made of hardwood are the durable ones. Their boxes are so solid that they can stand the regular abuse. Also, they will not have glue or staples, but you will find screws and nuts to fix them together. Look at the dovetail joint. If it’s firm, the cabinets and drawers are perfect. 

  • Solid frame Forevermark cabinets:

The face of the frames must be solid hardwood. As you know, the boxes are usually made of plywood. So, these frames are typical of hardwood. In general, you see two types of cabinets, framed or frameless.

Framed cabinets: If your cabinets have a frame, it will support the boxes to stay put. It will provide a base for doors, drawers, and hinges.

Frameless cabinets: No frame means that the cabinets are there directly in the box. You will find them arranged side-by-side. They must be accurate to install, and the installers may charge you more. 

  • Custom modification:

These days you have many choices for custom modifications. Various styles, designs, and colors are waiting for you to select. So, you can create a unique space and storage for your home. But, custom cabinets might cost you more. In that case, a semi-custom cabinet option is the middle one to choose. In both cases, you can get high-quality cabinets with ease. 

  • Lifetime warranty:

Well, not all cabinets come with a warranty. But if a company is fully supporting its product, then you have to take the words. In general, high-quality cabinetry comes with a twenty- to thirty-year warranty. On the contrary, poor-quality cabinets will break or lose strength in ten to twelve years. So, never go with the no-warranty cabinets.

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When replacing cabinets, go for high-quality Forevermark cabinets. They are durable, stylish, and come within your range. To spot high-quality cabinets, look for all-plywood construction. In addition, soft open-close hinges and drawers are also the sign of quality cabinet boxes. Framed or frameless, they must be of solid hardwood. Check out Columbus cabinets city to find all these features in your cabinets. 

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