What’s the Current Job Market for Dubai Trade License Professionals Like?

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Dubai is currently in the process of building a more innovative and sustainable economy. This is highlighted by its plans to invest $1 billion into renewable energy production, create an electric vehicle fleet for public transport, and build the world’s largest solar power plant. In order to support this growth, it has recently been reported that Dubai will need a significant amount of trade license professionals in 2018 alone. The job market seems promising with opportunities for those who are qualified.

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at what kinds of jobs there are available and how you can get licensed to work abroad in these positions. We’ll also cover some tips on what kind of qualifications employers look for when hiring candidates as well as salaries offered in these roles.

Now that the UAE has a new law in place for companies operating within its borders, it seems like there are more jobs available than ever before. Some of Dubai’s biggest companies are said to be hiring large numbers of trade license professionals for their operations and many other sectors have also been affected by the news. As Dubai sets out to expand its industrial base, it is expected that demand will increase for individuals in import/export management.

Ok, so what kind of work will you be doing exactly? Well, the skills and experience required for these jobs vary depending on the employer but some roles involve organizations that are involved with importing goods to the country from abroad or exporting products. Others include working with companies that trade goods within the UAE and also work with overseas importers/exporters

Looking at job listings, we can see that most positions are filled by those who have a degree in commerce or economics. Some jobs will require solid knowledge of how to read financial reports as well as familiarity with using online trading platforms like TradeGeckoand TradeIX. Some companies will require candidates to have completed a finance-related postgraduate degree too.

Job listings also show that knowledge of the English language is usually an absolute must for these positions since everything is in English (even though some may speak Arabic as well). It’s not unusual for Dubai employers to insist on having previous experience working abroad either, even if it was just a short stint. This might apply more to those roles located in the trade license department of other organizations where officials often want applicants who are very familiar with how the import/export process works in this part of the world.

Looking at how much these jobs pay, we can see that salaries range from 20K AED($5411 USD) to 50K AED ($13 820 USD) per year. As far as the cost of living is concerned, we can see that things have gotten a little more expensive since last year with hotel rooms in Dubai costing an average of $188.97 without breakfast (up from $122.13).

Now that you know what trade license jobs there are available and how much they pay, you’re probably wondering what kind of qualifications employers look for when hiring candidates. Well as we’ve seen earlier, it’s common for those applying to have completed some sort of postgraduate degree in business or economics. Some companies might even require you to have a bachelor’s degree too but this depends on the job requirements.

It’s also a good idea to speak to your future employers about any specific documents they might need you to provide, whether it is an Emirates ID or any other required paperwork. This information will also help when you’re filling out the visa application so make sure you keep these details in mind when applying for work permits. That’s about it for this post guys. If you’d like us to do more on what jobs are available in Dubai and how to get licensed, make sure you leave a comment below or check out our social media accounts using the links in the sidebar here. Also, if there are any other topics you’d like us to cover, let us know in the comments.

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