Guides for Buying Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor System

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Your tires are more susceptible to deflation and pressure that leads to a fatal road crash. With frequent rides and usage, riders must maintain and check the conditions of the tires before hitting on the  road. If you are one of those riders who struggle to check the condition of the tires, I am going to provide you with the buying guides on how to buy a motorcycle tire pressure monitor system. 

What is a Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

It is important to know what a tire pressure monitor system is. A motorcycle tire pressure monitor system (TPMS) is a tool that helps to detect the condition of the tires such as temperature, level of pressure, and an indication of deflation. This alerts to your smartphone or smartwatch to ensure you a safe ride. 

motorcycle tire pressure monitor

Buying Guides for Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor System

To ensure your tires are in their best condition, it is crucial to check the pressure of your tires before hitting on the road. Since many riders hardly have time to check their tires, a TPMS saves time and energy from bending to check and other hassles. 

To maintain your tires safely, there are definite buying guides to consider before buying suitable equipment. 

The buying guides mention below:


The compatibility comes into consideration, as the equipment has not been constructed for all kinds of motorcycles. How you want, a motorcycle tire pressure monitor system depends on the type and model of your motorcycle. To ensure safe maintenance of your tires is to go for equipment that is compatible with your motorcycle. 

Types of Motorcycle TPMS

Motorcycle tire pressure monitor system is made in three different types : internal sensors, external sensors and the digital display. Each type explains below:

Internal sensors

Internal sensors are those sensors that install inside the rim of the tire. These kinds of TPMS are hardly noticeable due to their small size. Internal sensors come with an LCD that helps to obtain the readings. These kinds of sensors protect from different elements.  You do not need to worry about inaccurate readings! Internal TPMS are expensive and take time to install correctly. This is because you have to remove the wheel to access the sensor. 

External sensors

External sensors are placed on the valve system, which is easy to install and does not require removing the wheels. These kinds of sensors are cheap and require little to or no maintenance at all. With the external display, these kinds of TPMS are easy to change the batteries but lack the locking mechanism. This can expose you to thefts and loss. 

Digital display 

The digital display is the most common type of motorcycle TPMS where the equipment works with the use of an app or Bluetooth. This is the most advanced TPMS as the pressure can indicate and alert the data to your phone, watch or bluetooth headset. Since this kind of tool does not need extra procedures, a stable connection must remain constant. 

Battery life

The battery life is the most important factor, as the tire pressure system needs a long battery life to ensure accurate data. Some equipment provides a rechargeable battery while others acquire battery replacement. To ensure safe and accurate data of your tires is to go for equipment that comprises a long battery life.


A good motorcycle tire pressure system withstands different weather conditions including water to avoid uninterrupted monitoring on the road. Since the equipment is exposed to different weather conditions, it is best to go for a weatherproof tool. 

Easy to install and use 

A good tire pressure system should be easy to install and use. There is no point in buying equipment that is easy to install but not easy to use. To ensure a safe and accurate checking of your tires is to go for a TPMS that is easy to install and use. 


Inaccurate readings occur when it comes to riding on different riding conditions. This is the biggest frustration riders go through. At times, sensors can bring inaccuracies and provide misleading data when riding on different roads. To avoid this hassle is to go for monitoring equipment that offers greater accuracy and has a clear reading display to read at different times. 


Riders ride in different conditions, most tire pressure monitoring equipment has a weatherproof function to protect them from different weather conditions. To buy the equipment is to go for a TPMS that has long-lasting durability. 

Wrap up

Here are the guides on how to buy a motorcycle tire pressure monitor system. This TPMS allows you to check the condition of your tires without the hassle of maintaining them at the workshop. To ensure a safe ride is to refer to the guides above to find you the suitable equipment for your bike. 

So read the guides and ride safely!

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