Moving Abroad: Will your health insurance still be valid?

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Moving Abroad: Will your health insurance still be valid?

Medical issues might arise at any age and does not come saying. With increasing medical expenses, doctor fees and hospitalization charges, it has become impossible for the common man to avail superior quality and prompt medical assistance during emergencies. Health insurance is considered to be one of the most important investments that you need to make to ensure your medical needs are taken proper care of. You can now avail mediclaim policy in hindi without much difficulty, be it online or offline if you feel comfortable with this language.

Indian Health Insurance plans & Geographical Limitations

Majority of the health insurance plans offered in the country have been designed to provide adequate coverage to medical expenses. This is mostly for those citizens staying across the country, irrespective of state and union terrorist. The policy generally covers day care procedures, hospitalization expenses, OPD treatment, and other medical charges that are incurred at any health clinic or hospital anywhere in the country. This means, while travelling abroad, if you are to avail emergency healthcare facility, then the existing health insurance policy is not likely to provide coverage for the same. On the other hand, if you seek medical services within the country, you can even get coverage for air and road ambulance charges, based on the policy you have taken.

But this does not meant that you have to worry for not international coverage if you plan to go abroad alone or with your family members for a few weeks or months. You need to discuss with your health insurance advisor who can provide you with a health plan that provides global coverage. Your insurance provider will take the responsibility of making medical bill payments at the foreign destination where you have availed medical services. But the catch to note here is that health plans mostly provide add-on cover for global coverage. To avail this benefit, you are to pay additional premium amount.

Personal accident plans offered in India are offered with built-in global coverage. Such plans provide adequate coverage against accidental injuries. This is irrespective of the area where the accident has cured, be it within the country or in some foreign country. In case you unfortunately happen to die in the foreign country or get disabled, your provider is likely to offer compensation as mentioned in the policy.

What if you shift abroad?

Will the health insurance policy that you have already taken be valid? The answer is based entirely on the type of coverage you have got in the policy. Basic policies without global coverage are not likely to offer medical coverage in foreign countries. But if personal accident policy or health policy has worldwide coverage in it, then even after shifting abroad, the covered members will enjoy adequate coverage at the foreign country. This means, whatever medical expenses have been incurred there will be covered as per the policy. Hence, the insurance policy coverage that you plan to take is held valid in foreign country only if you have availed global coverage benefits. This is an important aspect that you need to understand while purchasing a policy, especially if you are a frequent traveller or plan to spend some time in some foreign country with your family.

However, benefit-based plans like critical illness policy can be expected to stay valid if moving abroad. The reason cited is that the critical illness policy is to pay the covered with lump-sum benefit in case diagnosed with some critical illness. It includes multiple sclerosis, stroke, cancer, etc. Hence, if living in some foreign country, you may raise a claim without any hassle under the critical illness plan. But then, do check with your provider if the critical illness policy taken offers coverage outside the country or not.

If moving abroad, is there a need to cancel the existing Indian health insurance policy?

In case you have purchased regular health policy with domestic coverage only, then it will be wise to cancel it before moving to some foreign country. The reason is because with the basic coverage offered on the plan, you will not be able to make any claim when availing medical services abroad. Hence, continuing to pay its premium does not make any sense.

Rather, invest in a policy at the foreign destination. Health policy that you have got abroad is likely to provide coverage for medical expenses there. It can be safely stated that most countries have compelled their citizens and even foreigners to have valid health insurance policy.

Which health policy frequently travelling NRIs should invest in?

Non-resident Indians travelling frequently to the country are recommended to invest in top-up insurance policy. Such plan offers coverage for medical expenses, but after paying deductible amount. This plan also mandates your provider to covers you against inflated medical bills. However, you are expected to manage whatever minor medical expenses that you incur from your pocket. This can be helpful, in case you get determined to stay back in India.

To get hold of a good health insurance plan, you may call the knowledgeable advisors at Care Insurance immediately.

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