NBA 2K22 Best On Ball Defense Tips – How To Do Effective Defensive?

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NBA 2K22 Best On Ball Defense Tips: 

In this guide, we’re going to talk about on-board defense for NBA 2K22. So when you’re playing defense in this game and want to trigger, but a lot of the time what ends up happening is that the offensive player is putting you in spots, that you just kind of feel helpless because of all the dribble animations and the stunting.

This is the offense has an advantage over you with all of the animation options they have, and at the same time against a slashing kind of player, you feel like you just can’t make contact with them and they will just blow by you. But that’s all in the past, after reading this guide from UTPLAY.COM, you’ll be able to create defensive animations that cancel the offense’s advantage. Once you learn these techniques, you turn the table on the offense and you will dictate what happens on the court.

  1. Success Games With Being in Optimal Defensive Stance (ODS): It Has 3 Parts

So when it comes to success with playing onboard defense in this game, the key is that you must be in the optimal defensive stance, so we’re going to call that the ODS, and what we are going to show you is the ODS for NBA 2K22 it has three parts and once you have all three down you will find success guarantee:

  • Part 1: Hold L2 – You must first hold L2 and get up to the dribbler so hold L2 be close to the dribbler
  • Part 2: Push RS Up – Then, to push the right stick straight up and hold it down. Push it up, and hold it up there will put you into that ODS stance animation. And once you’re in this dance make sure you crowd the dribbler so you’re going to use the ODS to crowd up the offensive player.
  • Part 3: For ODS, Used More to Stop Slashers +For Recovery – Used more to stop slashers and also for recovery if you do happen to get out of position. When you are doing all this L2 is held down and right stick is still being pushed straight up, so another blow by cancel right there and the attackers happen to get separation from ODS, make sure you’re still holding L2 and pushing the right side straight up, but tap R2 (Turbo) to make that quick gap recovery. Even though you push it the right stick straight up, if the offensive player happened to shoot, you must still jump to contest because pushing and holding the right stick won’t do it, so you’re still going to jump when they shoot.
  1. Is RS Push + Hold, Not Flick Up RS

It’s right stick push and hold right, and not flick right stick up, so make sure you nailed it. If you flick it, he’s going to step forward and do bad, so we think non-ods stances, in general, are inferior and it’s kind of asking for trouble.

  1. ODS Techniquewith Great Defenders

ODS is also amazing with great defenders, so don’t forget to spend some of your NBA 2K22 MT points on one of them. We tested with Kawhi who is probably the best defense to play in the game and we were facing Damien Lydia, and the ODS was still insane. Without using it, the offenses have so much animation stuff to use on you that’s designed to beat you, but when you use the ODS especially when the defender is at least decent like a Mikael Bridges or like Kawaii, it’s just then you feel like you’re winning that battle, as long as you are not, you beat the offensive player to the spot and you’re just kind of able to track them.


  1. Defense Impressions + Interesting Discoveries

When you are sliding with L2 and moving pretty fast, but as you get closer to the offensive player this year, your sliding just slows down like you are not holding turbo, this is just regular. You are doing the exact same slide as you were, even if you are tapping turbo, you will be much faster doing the exact same slide at the exact same speed when you are away from the offensive player. But when you get close, if you trigger the same sliding, you will just automatically slow down. That’s very hard to adjust to if you’re defending, so if some of you are struggling with that because you move slower even though your input speed is the same depending on your distance with the on-ball offensive player. So it’s right your speed is relative to how close you are to the offensive player, your input speed does not make it any quicker, just your speed is going to decrease the closer you are no matter how much faster you click it.

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