4 Ways to boost social media lead generation for your business

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4 Ways to boost social media lead generation for your business


Are you finding it challenging to generate social media marketing leads? Are all your marketing efforts going in vain, specifically in regards to social selling and lead generation? But why? Have you ever wondered?

Everything seems to be in the right place. You have taken full advantage of paid advertising, shared content across varied social media channels, and targeted the right and most relevant keywords.

Then why is it that you can make just a handful of top-quality leads? Fret not- everything is not lost still. The only thing you need to do is follow a few tips for improving your social media lead generation strategy.

Reports put down that businesses that use social media lead generation tips and strategies can achieve better results. And yes, 75% of the B2B buyers use social media as the most important tool for making decisions.

1. Come Up with Killer Profile

Create a killer profile. Avoid keeping your profile sparse because it looks unprofessional and incomplete. The users on different social media platforms expect businesses to put in good time in providing valued information they require.

Also, they might not feel too engaged or entertained by your brand if you do not include descriptions, images, and copies in your business profile.

Hence, you need to complete your profile on different social media channels before launching your lead generation plan & generate social media marketing leads. This will help you grab more followers, large-scale credibility, and, finally, higher returns on investment.

Give small details of the products and services you are dealing in and include your company’s logo and pictures. It is also important to include the link to your website in your profile.



2. Webinars, Live Videos, and Hangouts Really Work.

Yet another effective social media lead generation strategy is using live videos, webinars, and hangouts. As a business, you can conduct webinars on different topics related to your products and services with advanced registration.

This will help you in collecting a large number of leads. Since registrations are in advance, the majority of the individuals will serve as leads for the company even if they do not attend the webinar.

Google hangouts enable companies to start conversations and then invite individuals to join the same. Maximum 150 people can join hangout at one go, and this can be one of the most effective ways of generating leads.

Speaking of live videos, they can be made using the best video-making and editing tool like InVideo. They are in no way gated content and can easily be used for making special announcements.

There are live video facilities available on both YouTube and Facebook, giving businesses the scope of generating as many leads as they want by being available to the prospective clients when they want the products and services to be available.

3. Work on Targeted Advertisements Announcing Special Offers

Paid social media advertising plans are highly effective in generating social media leads. This strategy is apt for specific targeting options and for showing the audience offers tailored to their requirements.

It always works to promote content on a specific subject matter, limited-time offers, and special discounts on products and services through target paid advertisements. For example, you can use Instagram advertisements to target relevant audiences.

Hence, if people are clicking on your social media advertisement, they will get a particular discount or off in their first few weeks. This will be the most enticing deal that will make the audience of the advertisement more likely to subscribe to your publication.

4. Run Contests on Different Social Media Channels

One of the best ways of promoting your business products and services on different social media channels is by running various contests. This is an overused method, but it works magic when it comes to generating leads.

The best benefit of running contests is that they offer leads for the benefit of the business, and then the participants of the contest can further share the post with more and more people. This increases the reach of the post even further, thus generating more leads.


With more and more people using different social media channels for interacting and doing business on a regular basis, as a business, you can lose out on competition if you are not leveraging social media for social selling and lead generation. So, follow the tips above and take your business to great heights.

I have 15 Year experience in website development, blogging, Seo, Content writing, and Link building.

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