Which is The Best Test Series for CA Final for the Students?

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CA Final Test Series is a series of mock exams for the CA Final that looks exactly like the “real CA exam”. CA Final Test Series is conducted every year, and their result is one of the most important guidelines for the student whether he is ready to take the CA Final exam at a given level.

Why take the CA Final Test Series?

Do you probably wonder why students need additional stress since they are already taking tests in class or at home? There are several important aspects in favor of the CA Final Test Series:

  1. First-time. CA exams are divided into 2 groups and 8 Subjects – Group one consists of Financial Reporting, Strategic Financial Management, Advanced Auditing, and Professional Ethics, and Corporate and Economic Laws. While group 2 contains Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation, (Risk Management, Financial Services, and Capital Markets, International Taxation, Economics Laws, Global Financial Reposting Standards, Multidisciplinary Case Study), Direct Tax Laws, and International Taxation, and finally Indirect Tax Laws. Students have a certain amount of time to solve each of them, and this is often quite problematic. Writing two, quite extensive, written papers for the CA Final exam can be quite a challenge, and we have unlimited time for it at home. Therefore, we believe that it is worth investing time in CA Final Test Series and checking, colloquially, how we stand against time.
  2. Second, CA Final Test Series look practically the same as the “real” CA Final exams. CA Test Series organizes “CA Final Test Series” for all parts of a given exam in the order in which they should be held. We use authentic exam materials and apply official scores on which ICAI exams are graded. Whoever has one behind him knows how complicated this scoring is and we must admit that the thought of counting points on the ICAI scale makes us feel dizzy.
  3. Third – getting used to stress. Although we organize the CA Final Test Series at our homes ourselves, you will always experience minimal stress on the day of the exam. But the truth is, a little bit of stress won’t hurt – with the CA Final Test Series behind them, students already have a relative picture of the situation ahead of the real CA Final exam – they know how to act, how long the process will take, and finally, they’ll definitely find some ways to deal with it more or less stressful situation.

  1. Fourth – familiarization with examination procedures. The CA exams are conducted around India according to strictly defined rules – the identity of the student is checked before each entrance to the room for the next part of the exam, you can bring specific subjects to the examination room, you can leave the room in strictly defined situations, any attempt to use any form “Downloading” ends with disqualification from the exam. It is worth experiencing all this “to a test”, in order to know exactly what awaits us.

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Of course! There is no better way to find out if we are ready for the CA exam this year or if we should wait and take the exam a little later.

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