The Best Gear to Take to The Beach

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The Best Gear to Take to The Beach

If you love the beach then, you should fully appreciate that, taking the right gear with, you can make a complete difference to your day. However lovely the beach is, there are some things that you could take with you to make your time there a completely different experience. Below are some ideas that you can take or leave depending on your fancy, hopefully there should be something here of value for you;

  1. Food

This really depends upon which beach you are going to, some beaches have some awesome restaurants and cafés in close vicinity so it would be a shame to take sandwiches etc with you, only to find out that there is a place on the beach front that you would like to eat at instead. Check it out first,but for some people it wouldn’t matter either way, having a picnic instead is still more appealing.

  1. A dry bag

If you are taking things like earphones/headphones or, a Bluetooth speaker with you then you will want to make sure that they are protected against any water damage. Some speakers and, even earphones are waterproof, but they cost a small fortune. When you buy a waterproof tube dry bag for the beach it can actually serve to be multipurpose, you could use it for other activities and you can carry multiple items. Dry bags are a really good little investment, they can last for years, so the cost ends up being next to nothing in relative terms.

  1. Portable speaker

Not for everybody, but most people will appreciate a bit of music on the beach, especially if you’re going with a crowd, a decent Bluetooth portable speaker will create a completely different atmosphere. Even if you are going to the beach by yourself, a bit of music can either help you relax even more or, depending on your taste in music, energize you to jump in the sea of a bit of exercise.

  1. Headphones or earphones

Some people won’t want to take a speaker with them, in fear of intruding others space or perhaps disturbing them. Your thoughtfulness, doesn’t, however mean that you have to go without music, there are plenty of really good quality wired or Bluetooth headphones, earphones or earbuds available these days at very reasonable prices.

  1. Roll up matt

If you don’t want to be sat in or laying on the sand, then you should really take a roll up matt with you it will make the world of difference to your trip or vacation, they save space when compared with something that might fold and generally easy to carry, if you get one with a strap then you can still use both your hands whilst on the move.


A little gem

Sometimes the wind can be a bit too much, especially if you are trying to read a book or, do anything that isn’t helped by strong winds, there is also the subject of a bit added secrecy if you need it. There must have been times that you wanted to change your shorts or such like and had to make a trip to the nearest toilet, which can be a pain, well, with a windbreaker you wouldn’t necessarily need to. 

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