Wedding Dance Classes- Top picks for your little one

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When we talk about fun activities for kids, we cannot neglect the importance of physical activities such as dancing. Aside from being an incredible form of exercise, dancing also instils discipline, confidence, and poise in your child. It allows children to express themselves creatively. For this purpose, Yellow class proposes free online hobby courses and other fun activities online for children.

Wedding Dance Classes

Let us further discuss the recommended hobbies for kids and learn more about the various dance classes that you can enrol your child in.

  • Wedding Dance- This dance style is not as stern as other dance types. Wedding dance in India is a popular thing. This type of dance class will include mehndi dance for child.
  • Folk dance- This refers to traditional dance forms concerning your customs and cultural aspects. This includes Bollywood dance among other ethnic styles. Folk dance is one of the stricter dance forms in comparison to other types.
  • Ballet- This form of dance will allow your child to develop flexibility and balance. Typically, ballet is practised to classical music and the postures are taught in French. This allows your child to have some cultural exposure.
  • Tap dance- This is a distinguished form of dance. The practice of this dance form requires the use of shoes that have metal taps on the bottom. This dance form allows children to learn about timing and rhythm while practising stimulating music.
  • Jazz- This is a highly challenging dance style that is practised to the music of the same name. It teaches fast footwork and agility to your child. This dance form inspires spontaneity in children and allows them to improvise with dance steps.
  • Contemporary- This dance form was discovered by the blending of classical dance styles. It trains children to comprehend the deep interpretation of the music that they practice. Contemporary dance form includes elegant and graceful dance steps that develop strength and flexibility in your child.
  • Hip Hop- Many children show a liking to hip-hop music. If this is the case with your child, then the hip-hop dance style is the ideal choice for them. It is a trendy dance style and is popular among older children. It is a highly energetic and demanding dance form.

Some children may not wish to stick to one dance form. It may also be the case that they are unsure of what dance style would suit them. Combination dance classes are designed to meet the needs of these children. These classes allow your child to grasp what each dance form entails and helps them choose the one that they are comfortable with.

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