Why Should Integrate a WFM Software into Your Business Operations?

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Why Should Integrate a WFM Software into Your Business Operations?

If you are managing a company that employs many workers, you may get confused with the different requirements of your multicultural workforce. For example, you may have staff who cannot work on Saturdays and during their religious holiday because of religious reasons. In addition, some of your workers may have different requirements than others. So, with all the individual differences of your workers, it will be challenging for you to keep track of them all. But fortunately, you can effectively manage your employees by integrating WFM software like the Deputy software into your company.

What Is Workforce Management (WFM)?

Workforce Management or WFM is the unified processes that optimise the company’s utilisation of its human resource. For example, WFM software enables companies to effectively predict the number of employees they need for a particular project. WFM also helps manage staff schedules and monitor their accomplishments on a per hour or per day


The Importance of WFM

Companies that use WFM for their operations will be able to perform the following effectively:

Eliminate Human Error

A human in charge of scheduling a large number of employees with different religious and personal restrictions may find the task very confusing. Likewise, humans are prone to biases when it comes to scheduling personnel with personal connections. Meanwhile, WFM software can significantly reduce, if not eliminate, human error and will be impartial in addressing the scheduling needs of your company’s employees.

Predict Number of Employees Needed

WorkForce management software lets business organisations gain insights into the labour force needed to complete a project within the allotted period. For example, a restaurant business may forecast the volume of reservations and diners during peak and off-peak hours. It, therefore, can predict when to schedule more waiters, cooks, and other restaurant personnel to accommodate the increase in customers.

Track Employee Performance

Aside from being able to schedule the correct number of employees during peak and off-peak hours, WFM solutions can also track the daily performances of employees.

Staff Scheduling

WFM software can also help company managers create schedules for all the staff based on variables such as vacation credits, availability workload, absences, and cultural or

religious restrictions.

Forecasting and Budgeting

Companies will also know how much staff is needed for a particular project and how much budget should be allocated to cover staff salaries.

Time and Attendance

Companies using WFM software can accurately monitor the attendance of their personnel and tally the attendance with payroll. The software can also reveal personnel patterns in employee attendance to better predict potential gaps for future


Performance Management

Companies using workforce management software will have a better understanding of how their employees are performing. This understanding will enable personnel managers to focus on increasing employee productivity by knowing which employees are underperforming. Conversely, WFM will also let managers know which employees exceed company expectations and thus reward them appropriately.  Also, by integrating WFM, companies will be able to make accurate payroll computations.

Vacation and Day-Off Planning

WFM software will process all the vacation and leave requests of employees and schedule them accordingly without bias. In addition, WFM will automatically compute the remaining leave credits of employees and determine which employees are qualified for leave and time-off. Likewise, employees who want to increase their work hours can also use WFM to process their requests.

To summarise, companies that integrate workforce management software such as Deputy software in their business processes will benefit from improved employee productivity, better labour force planning, and better attendance tracking and monitoring. Meanwhile, these are a must in today’s competitive business environment.

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