What Can You Do To Make Office Building A Safe Place To Be?

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The construction and manual labor sectors are examples of jobs that have inherent risks. However, even office jobs can be linked with health issues, which is why you must ensure that your office building is as safe as possible. As an employer, you have a responsibility to your workers, including enforcing certain regulations to keep everyone healthy and safe at work. Read on to find out more about what you can offer your workers to help them (and you) be safer at work.

Take Breaks 

If your workplace is full of people who sit at desks for hours on end, it’s critical that you encourage everyone to take plenty of breaks. Even getting up from their chair and taking a short walk around the room every hour or so is enough to keep them from being ill. It is also much better for their focus and productivity if they take breaks from time to time. Allow everyone plenty of breaks and allow them to get some fresh air if they need it. You’ll see that even if they sit at their workstations for less time, they’ll get more done.

If no one wants to keep getting up and walking about, standing desks can be an alternative. They aren’t for everyone, and standing all day has its own set of issues, but converting a few sitting workstations to standing ones and then establishing a hot desk area can benefit everyone.

Improve Ventilation

People who work in offices are more likely to acquire occupational allergies. These are allergies to the chemicals used in carpet cleaning, office furniture, and even the paint on the walls. They can cause headaches, rashes, and overall malaise. Even if no physical issues arise, you may notice that your attention levels are much lower than usual. Increase the ventilation in the workplace if feasible so that no one has to breathe in allergens. If this is not possible, open the windows to let some fresh air into the room.

Keep It Clean 

According to research, crowded and messy surroundings are distracting. Because workplace distractions can cost your company precious person-hours, it is certainly something you want to reduce. Keeping your workplace clean and organized is a great way to reduce distraction.

Cleanliness also lowers the likelihood of your workers being ill. Bacteria flourish in offices because people spend so much of their time there. Keeping your workplace clean with the help of a professional cleaning company can help to minimize illness and, as a result, missed working days.

Paint The Walls Green

Green is the best color to put on your walls, according to research, especially if you want to enhance your creative thinking. As a consequence, if the walls of your workplace are a lovely shade of green, your workers should be more productive. Make sure that the color isn’t excessively bright or garish, as this can be off-putting. The color should have a pleasant and relaxing appearance, such as seafoam or sage. If green isn’t your preferred hue, there are other options, but avoid red since it may cause tempers to flare and workplace tensions to rise.

Add Some Plants

Plants in your office can also inspire creativity, plus they bring a general sense of well-being into the room. Don’t have too many, especially if you only have a small space, but a few dotted around the room or even on people’s desks can have a dramatically positive effect. If you would like to include plants in your office décor, they should be leafy ones. Steer clear of cacti as these don’t promote a very relaxed feeling, and don’t have anything that smells too strongly either as this can be distracting.

Allow Personal Items

It’s important to allow your employees to display personal items on their desks or in their workspaces. These reminders of home can reduce stress and make workers feel more satisfied in their jobs. Cluttered desks can make people feel more stressed though, so it might be wise to limit the number of photos and knick knacks that can be brought in from home. Three or four things should be enough.

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Go Out For Lunch

When people eat their lunch at their desk it can be an issue. From a practical point of view, it leaves mess on the desk and over the computer, which doesn’t make for a very pleasant working environment. However, it can also lead to overeating because there is a tendency to continue to work if you’re still at your desk, and if you’re working, you’re not concentrating on what you’re eating, and that can mean you don’t quite realize when you’re full. A rule that says people can’t eat at their desks might sound strict, but it’s the best thing for them. Going outside is the best idea; they can eat lunches brought from home in a nearby park, for example, or even buy lunch at a local café. If there is nowhere for them to go for lunch, then create a breakroom so that they at least have a change of scenery.

Look At Lighting

If possible, you need to allow as much natural daylight into your office as you possibly can. Try to arrange the desks so that everyone can see outside. Being exposed to sunlight keeps your stress levels at a minimum and keeps your circadian rhythm ticking along as it should – both of these things ensure a healthier, happier workforce. If there are no windows or you can’t get everyone sitting near one, then change the bulbs in your office. Color temperature ranges from warm to cool, depending on which type of bulb you use. Using a cooler (whiter) color temperature can help the brain work faster.

Focus On Freedom And Individuality

The foundation of our nation is freedom — freedom of choice to be who you are and not judged because of your political views, what football team you support or your ethnicity. Organizations need to become a safe environment for people to be themselves without exclusion. Uphold foundational values that celebrate individuality. Educate your workforce that diversity doesn’t just go skin deep.

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