Amazing Reasons To Embed Instagram Widget on Your Website

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In this age of digitalization and fierce competition, marketers are always keen to use any marketing strategy if it provides them with more than one benefit. And therefore, in recent times, we are witnessing a trend where businesses are actively looking to embed Instagram widget on the website.

We all know Instagram is a hub for visual-based content that never fails to provide engaging and entertaining content to the viewers. And visual-based content has also been the key weapon for many marketers. Moreover, it also provides a great audience for the brands to market their brands and weapons. Hence, it stands as one of the prominent platforms for marketers.

Many marketers often restrict themselves and do not utilize the platform to its full potential and extract more benefits from the platforms. Marketers are keen to embed an Instagram widget on the website. So if you are still perplexed about adopting this strategy, here are 10 reasons that might convince you to do it.

10 Reasons Why You Should Embed Instagram Widget On Website

In today’s world, business websites have emerged as the representative of any brand. People often determine the reputation and quality of the brand based on their website. Therefore, it is important to have an appealing website as it helps draw attention and creates a great impression on consumers. Thus it becomes essential for the business to enhance the charm of the website. And what can be better than visual content, right? Now here are the reasons why you should embed an Instagram widget on a website.

1. Enhances the charm of the website

People mostly avoid visiting a dull and flat website as it fails to create an impression on visitors’ minds. Dull and flat website here refers to the sites that only provide text or limited visual-based content. And this is where this strategy plays a considerable role. We all know that Instagram is known for its lively and vibrant content, and by embedding on your website you can add vibrancy to your website and make it more appealing.

2. Increases website performance

Many might argue that they can add images and videos directly on their website, but these uploads often consume storage and resources from your hosted server. And hence might affect the speed of the website that can hamper your brand’s reputation.

On the other hand, the embedded Instagram video or image streams from the source, hence it is less likely that it affects the speed of your website. Moreover, it also saves the storage and resources of your hosted server.

3. Drives website traffic

As mentioned, people often prefer visiting the website that enhances their browsing experience. Instagram adds vibrancy. Hence, it can drive great website traffic on your site. And as there will be more posts and content to the website, people will be eager to view the content.

And as there will be more website traffic, it will be more beneficial for your business and eventually helps in enhancing your brand reputation and might boost your brand’s reach.

4. Augments visitor engagement

We all know how creative Instagram users are. They are known for creating engaging and entertaining content. So, when you embed posts and content related to your uploaded by other users, it increases the engagement of your website, and as visitors will be able to scroll through the feed and view unlimited content, it will hold them on your website.

You also have the option to embed feeds from your Instagram handle, and hence you can use the space to provide detailed descriptions about your products/services. And you can also provide tutorials on how to use your product or even post advertisements of your brand. It helps to spark an interest in the minds of your visitors. And these feeds will be explaining about your products, visitors might be interested to know about it and eventually stay engaged with your website.

5. Reduces bounce rate

Often, businesses complain that visitors visit the website and exit the window without spending much time on the website. It not only reduces the chance of attaining sales but increases the bounce rate. Bounce rate means when a visitor exits the website without clicking or spending much time on the website.

As mentioned above, you can create a scrollable feed on your website, it engages the users and holds them on the website, which decreases the bounce rate. So now you must be wondering how a decreased bounce rate can help you? Firstly, a reduced bounce rate provides an excellent reputation to your brand, and secondly, it helps enhance your search engine ranking. So whenever someone searches for anything related to your business, your website will be suggested to him due to better search engine ranking, increasing your brand recognition and awareness.

6. Provides a boost to user-generated content related to your business

UGC is a boon for marketers; with almost minimum cost, it helps them to market their brand and products. UGC provides great help to the business and provides a great reach. Hence, you must find ways to boost UGC so that it helps your business.

Embedding Instagram feeds is one such way. When you display the content from your customers on your website, it will make them feel valued. And hence it might encourage other users to generate content for your business to be featured on your website. Thus, providing the needed boost to user-generated content related to your business.

7. Gives a sneak into your Instagram presence

Social media is now an essential part of any marketing plan, you must strengthen your social media presence. That is only possible if you create awareness about your social media existence. And by embedding Instagram feed widget on the website you can attain that.

When a visitor visits your website, he will be able to get a sneak into your presence and will also have the option to follow you there. So, even any visitor is unaware of your Instagram presence, and he will be able to get a sneak into your Instagram handle. Thus, eventually increasing awareness about your social media presence.

8. Provides social proof to your visitors

People often look for social proof or reviews before making a purchase. Social proof influences consumers to buy products from a particular brand. So when your visitor is visiting your website, he will be able to get social validation from various customers in one place. It will develop reliability for your business and might help in increasing your brand reputation.

9.Helps in conversion

As mentioned above, social proofs and reviews play a crucial role in a consumer’s purchase decision. And people often use social media platforms to post images of the products they purchased or provide their feedback. Therefore, by displaying on the website, you can trust your visitors to trust your brand and eventually convert your visitors into your customers.

10. Increases brand recognition

You might call it the sum of all the reasons: increased web traffic, decreased bounce rate, social proofs, website traffic, and all the benefits that help your brand gain some recognition in the market and eventually enables you to attain more audience. And we all know more audiences means more chances of getting sales.

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Summing It Up

As competition is getting fierce in the market, it becomes imperative to have an approach to extract more benefits from any marketing plans. And due to its influence and high importance, Instagram stands as an integral part of any marketing campaign, so you must apply strategies that help you to gather maximum benefits from the platform. And this is where embedding the Instagram widget comes into play. You can easily find it on the internet, so go ahead, try the widget and enjoy the benefits it offers.

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