Basic Auto Insurance Coverage Types 

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Basic Auto Insurance Coverage Types

Collision Auto Insurance

Many drivers are a victim of horrible collision auto accidents where multiple cars are involved. For a lot of different reasons, the problem arises when it is time for both parties to settle the problem. In most cases, it is better to arrange this because of the auto insurance coverage. But for some cases, it leads to legal proceedings because most of the time both parties do not agree on the terms.

One of the problems that can be pinpointed is that one of them does not have any auto insurance at all and paying such a big amount for the damages and treatment is a bit expensive to consider.

This alarming information results in states declaring auto insurance as very important and is mandatory according to state laws.  Having this kind of law is a good thing because it will help reduce accidents as well as reduce the expenses caused by the accidents.

There are different kinds of auto insurance in the market these days. The appropriate insurance that one should avail depends on their needs and risk. So if you are most likely to collide with another car if indeed you have an accident, then collision auto insurance is for you.


Liability Auto Insurance

Do you understand liability auto insurance? A good example is a scenario for car accident deals is seen in different types of damages for individuals. This case is not a new one at all. It is like a repeated scenario over and over again.

The worst part is many of the drivers do not have any liability auto insurance to pay all the legal claims of the mayhem they have caused. This results in them paying a huge amount of money when in fact they could purchase a liability auto insurance that could shoulder their problem.

Another thing to be considered is property damages. Property damages can be categorized into a total or partial destruction of property that someone owns. This can be a car or perhaps something else like a part of their home. In this context, the insurance will help you pay all the compensation for the damage you caused. Some repairs are much more expensive than your salary so make a wise decision.

To give you not only great protection but also it helps you when it comes to expenses. The big advantage of having liability insurance is that it comes with a cheaper and affordable price nowadays.


To better understand this kind of insurance, comprehensive auto insurance is mainly concerned with the car itself. The auto insurance coverage only pays for the cost damages that may result from a non-collision incident of the car. For example, a driver has gotten himself in an accident where his car collided with another car. This is not the scenario where comprehensive auto insurance is applied.

According to U.S statistic, the most common cause of comprehensive insurance application is caused by theft. Over 794,616 estimated automobiles are stolen in the States. Followed by the riot, approximately over 547,000 are found damaged by a disaster.

Also, many car owners are victims of vandalism on their cars. This scenario results in 20-40 cases a day for the havoc related to vandalism. If flood to be considered, it can destroy a vast amount of cars in an instant. This is the statistic for those people who do not have comprehensive auto insurance but have been affected by these issues.

Most comprehensive auto insurance already comes at a more affordable price especially if you know where to look. This kind of auto insurance is very important because of the common factors that lead to its application. This is an essential protection that your car needs.


If you are looking for any of these auto insurance coverages, just submit your zip code in the quotes comparison form from one of the many auto insurance websites to begin the search. The list of reputable car insurance comparison websites is long; however, sites like Liberty Mutual, The General, and Good2Go Auto Insurance stand out.


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