10 benefits of using Bakhoor in the room

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Scents, fragrances or any other sort of aroma all of them are used to active particular type of response. One such type of fragrance is bakhoor – wood chips that are socked in oil and perfumes to have a peculiar type of aroma. It is available not only in block chips but also in incense form. Although bakhoor has been acquainted to Islamic rites and rituals for centuries this makes it affiliated to spirituality. However, bakhoor has various other benefits other than spirituality and fragrance. And here are ten amazing benefits you should know about bakhoor before you dig into this bewildering realm of bakhoor.

10 benefits of using Bakhoor

  1. Relaxation:

You have had a hectic day and cannot wait to go home and hit the bed. So, when you get home lit up a bakhoor in your room snuggle in your blanket and relax the  scent of bakhoor have the properties that calm your mind and sooth the tumult feeling going through your body and mind. As you sit in a room enlightened by bakhoor gradually you can feel the restlessness and uncertainty go away it helps to clear your mind and think straight.

  1. Spirituality:

Bakhoor for centuries have been used by many religions including Christianly, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism but not only the religions but also the people from declare believes have been using its scent and declaring a portal to a higher power or a spiritual realm.

  1. Escalates ability to Focus:

Many people fall into the habit of playing music while executing any task or studying but science has proved that contrary to our conventional believes playing music especially while studying makes our mind deranged. While as you light bakhoor in your room it helps your mind to concentrate and think and study better it has a ten times better and subtler effect on mind it helps you to plan better.

  1. Helps with insomnia:

People of this contemporary ear have fallen short on meeting their own personal peace in the quest to meet the demands of society due to which this age has given birth to conditions such as insomnia. As it has no other medical treatment it is suggested to go to  bed with a lavender oud bakhoor lit in your room its healing properties helps you to sleep better and the scent gives a relaxation that assist you to get into the trace of deep sleep.

  1. Reduction of Stress and anxiety:

Everyone these days is having issues with stress and anxiety people are taking medications and having appointments with psychologists to cure it and as much as both these things escalates the dynamics of getting back to the normal state. Either one of these conditions can be cured by lighting up rosemary bakhoor in your room it releases stress and helps you to manage your anxiety it calms all sort of neurotic behavior.

  1. Purifies the Air:

Bakhoor is also a hemostatic, anti-septic and anti-bacterial. Due to these properties it helps in purifying the help. To be precise it acts as a medical beneficent for various conditions. For those people who suffer with breathing problem such as asthma finds it easy to breath in the room enlightened with bakhoor. Even for the people who have medical condition like epilepsy find it very calming and soothing to stay in the scent of bakhoor.

  1. Harmless:

While using a perfume or another fragrance such as deodorant or a body spray a cost is paid that is since it has an handful amount of alcohol it stirs headaches and breathing problems in many people but as a person uses bakhoor due to its composition the element od wood and it being socked in oil it gets as harmless as a dove with lots of healing and beneficial properties and causing zero to no harm.

  1. Fragrance:

Talking about bakoor and ignore the major element of fragrance in it, this is entirely impossible. The main reason bakhoor is being using in the Middle East right now by all men and women are because of its long last and unforgettable scent. With different types of bakhoor present in the market people can get fragrance of their own choice the way they want to smell. Most men and women from Middle East lit a bakhoor in their room before they go to take a shower and after that they stand near the smoke rising from the burner to soak in all the fragrance of bakhoor that way you get more natural and organic side of a scent.

  1. Evokes new intrests:

As one of the pioneer properties of bakoor it that it calms your mind and releases stress as these two things happen and your mind finds peace it wonders around to new domains and realms with a more focused mind as you think straight you find new interests and hobbies, things that you are good at and interests that can help you become a better person with all the stress and toxicity released.

  1. Meditation:

Medication is a practice used by people for centuries to have a clear state of mind and to have a healthy mind. You can meditate anyway you want even five minutes laying in the bed with your eyes closes but with a calm mind. As you meditate in a room filled with bakoor scent you can mediate better as it helps to calm your mind.

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