Top Combine Harvester’s Guide

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Who produces the greatest combine harvester? Maybe on your mind if you’re looking to purchase new agricultural machinery. Given the vast number of brands available, that is not a simple set of questions. As you start your search, think of this manual as your go-to reference.

When looking for a combine harvester, there are several factors you should consider. Since this is a costly piece of equipment, it’s crucial to conduct your research while weighing your alternatives.

Class Understanding

You may purchase a variety of combine harvesters in various classifications. Broadly speaking, the class of a harvester increases with its horsepower.

For instance, the Case IH Axial Flow 6130 produces 320 HP & is in Class Six, but the Claas Lexion 750 has 442 HP & is in Class Nine. Although these regulations frequently change & businesses frequently develop their own classifications, they are a decent place to begin when attempting to determine capacity, engine power, as well as other aspects.

Choose the Brand Carefully

It probably won’t make much of an impact if you buy counterfeit cereal at the store. Nevertheless, brand loyalty isn’t a terrible notion when purchasing agricultural equipment.

Pick well-known manufacturers like New Holland, Class, John Deere, or Case IH. You will locate services, and replacement parts, including backup assistance far more readily for all of them thanks to their extensive dealer networks throughout the United States.

Gathering Head vs. Capacity

Keep in mind that the capability of a combination should never exceed what the collecting head can ingest. This is a straightforward but crucial rule.

Grain headers come in a variety of designs, such as auger, draper, windrow pickup, stripper heads, as well as crop-specific heads. Make sure you pick the appropriate one just for your requirements.

Top 6 Best Combine harvesters


The Lexion 8000 series’ most potent combine harvester is the 8900. It features an outstanding 1700 mm drum diameter and technological specifications. It has a huge 18000-liter grain storage volume and is available with several engine horsepower (up to 790 HP).

This Lexion 8900 even features a field scanner just on the cabin roof. This tool examines the field from overhead & splits it into 38 sections so you may better manage the harvesting process. Additionally, it boasts a brand-new, enhanced dust extractor technology that is only found in this range.

New Holland TC5.30

Although New Holland produces a variety of combine harvesters, the TC5.30 is among the best & most effective.

It may be utilized to work in practically any field, including pulse crops, specialized crops, tiny grains, and huge grains. With some of the cheapest fuel usage & maintenance available, it has a lower overall ownership cost than its rivals.

John Deere S700

Similar to New Holland, John Deere offers an almost limitless selection of combine harvesters.

Among the most technologically sophisticated machines is the S700, which has a tone of automated functions to assist you to obtain the most out of the equipment. Which include the 4600 Command Center, the Command Arm, as well as the multifunction controlling lever.


The Case IH 8250 is among the greatest combines since it has a two-speed electronic shift ground drive gearbox, an enhanced feeder house design, & sometimes even changeable rotor cage vanes.

It’s among the most expensive combines you can purchase, but it’s perfect for farmers that need to harvest big tracts of land. Its engine is 480 HP. Additionally, it includes a 28-foot 9-inch unload auger that really can empty at 4.5 bushels every second as well as a 317-gallon diesel fuel tank.

John Deere S690

Another combine harvester from such a legendary manufacturer of farming machinery is the John Deere S690. Its transport speed is 40 km/h, and it includes a variety of features including dynamic terrain adjustments that can help you increase your yield.


This particular design of the combined harvester is now in the works for many years. This German device, one of the most environmentally friendly in the harvesting industry, was developed and tested over the course of more than ten years.

It has an ecologically friendly engine. For the best cleaning efficiency & also to assist prevent losses, it includes a fan speed & sieve location that can be changed depending upon whether the machine is traveling uphill or downhill.

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