Spooky These 4 Cursed Video Games In The World Once Played Can Make Death

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World best Cursed video Games in 2022

World best Cursed video games Whoever dares to play the cursed video game below, his life could be lost. How come? Read the full story below! Gameplay is a fun way to spend free time. However, what if instead of entertaining, video games we play take our lives?

That’s what happens to some people who play video games damned below. Anything? Read the story carefully below!

The World’s Cursed Video Game. You Dare to Play?

  1. Virtual Boy

Virtual Boy is a  PC game released by Nintendo. The curse video game is quite famous for taking the life of one of Nintendo’s top executives, Gunpei Yokoi. Gunpei is the creator of Game Boy and Game & Watch.

At that time, Gunpei’s creation was claimed to be Nintendo’s biggest failure because it did not sell well in the market. Because of that incident, Gunpei resigned. Not long after, Gunpei reportedly died from a traffic accident. According to rumours circulating in Japan, Gunpei died from the curse of Virtual Boy. Several people who played Virtual Boy also died for unknown reasons.

  1. EA Madden FL

The next cursed video game comes from the sports genre created by EA Sports, namely EA Madden NFL. Curse this game does not happen to a play game, but athletes who meeting on the cover of  EA’s Madden NFL. Athletes who model  NFL Madden NFL cover are always injured. This incident happened to 14 of the 16 NFL players who have appeared on the cover of EA Madden NFL games.

  1. Berzerk

Berzerk is a famous game in the era of arcade games. The game made by Stern Electronics is reportedly cursed because it took the lives of its players. The most famous case happened to Jeff Dailey, a Berzerk player who died after scoring the highest score.

At that time Jeff got a score of 16,660, a number that many people believe is the devil’s number. Jeff Dailey reportedly died of heart disease. Surprisingly, neither Jeff nor his family had a history of heart disease. The same incident also occurred on April 27, 1982.

A young man named Peter Burkowski died after getting the highest score in the game Berzerk. Since the Peter Burkowski incident, people have increasingly believed that the  Berzerk game is indeed cursed. At the same time, do checkout the overlord season 4.

  1. Taboo: The Sixth Sense

The next cursed video game is  Taboo: The Sixth Sense. This game was popular in the 80s because it created a strange phenomenon. Taboo: The Sixth Sense is actually just a simple game that offers a Tarot card prediction simulation.

The thing that makes this game scary is its ability to predict the death of its players. A Fandom Wikia article  Taboo: The Sixth Sense sheds light on the players’ horrific experiences. A player admits to losing his father in a plane crash, just as the cursed video game predicted. According to rumours, this cursed video game is the creation of a satanic sect that sacrifices animals. That’s why his predictions are always rig


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