Using Cushions to Give a New Look to Your Living Room

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The living area of any home is where we tend to spend most of our time. Be it while watching TV or listening to music, or reading a book on a lazy afternoon, we like to snug onto a pillow and make a comfortable little spot to gift ourselves some quality time. But often we find our eyes trying to find something new amongst the old setting of the room to pep up our mood. It’s not always possible to buy new furniture or go for a makeover of the space now and then, but small changes can also do wonders in bringing about an amazing transformation to your living room.  Choosing the right cushions or throw pillows can be a pocket-friendly way of infusing new life into your comfy space.

Things to consider while choosing the right cushions

  • Your existing seating arrangement

You already must be having a sofa set as a seating arrangement for your living room. So, the first thing to keep in mind while choosing the cushions is the color of the sofa. You may opt for something of the same shade with a lower or slightly darker tone or it might be completely contrasting in nature. Just try to give a unified appearance.

  • Parity between cushions and throw pillows

If you are planning to keep both cushions and throw pillows as sofa accessories, then it’s advisable to maintain parity between them. The parity may be in number, shape, color, or cover patterns. If you are already having several cushions, then you can easily buy new cushion covers or even make your DIY covers. You can mix and match various patterns to give a sassy look. It would be also wise of you to consider the longevity of the covers as well.

  • Parity between the size of the cushions and couch

The size of the cushions should be in sync with the size of your couch. Too small a cushion on a large sofa tends to get lost. On the other hand, bigger cushions on small couches eat up the seating space.

  • Too many are not always good

Please don’t go overboard while introducing cushions or else there will be a little space left for sitting. Select wisely to create the décor as well serve the space’s right purpose.

  • Consider the filling

While buying a new cushion we usually get attracted to its color or pattern. We forget about our comfort and keep it aside as our second priority during the purchase. But it’s always good to give equal importance to the filling of the cushions. You can choose from foam-filled cushions or feather-filled ones (if softness is your priority). Polyester is also an inexpensive choice of filling but it has a drawback. Such filling flattens out within a short span. You can also have batting done on cushions that are readily available in wool, polyester, and cotton.


So, you see, how easy and affordable a makeover can be! Just a simple homeware accessory can make a huge difference in appearance. And if you have a creative bent of mind, then you can quite well recycle your old sweaters or t-shirts and turn them into a new piece of art by making covers for your cushions. Such creations will surely acquire you great appreciation.

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