Different types of renaissance wedding dress and why women like it.

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Different types of renaissance wedding dress and why women like it.

Wedding is the most important event in everyone’s life especially for women. It is a very important event and that is why every girl tries her best to look gorgeous and stand out.

Wedding dress is of great significance in the life of every girl, a wedding dress can make the bride look stunning but if the wedding dress is not selected carefully then it can ruin the look of the bride.

Nowadays the old Victorian-styled wedding dresses are getting more and more popular and many women prefer renaissance wedding dress for their wedding.

The wedding dress must be selected on the body type. There are different body types and the wedding dress looks best on the body type it is designed for.

Each body type has its own charm and not all the design are suitable to every type.

So it is best to check beforehand which style and which design is best suited for your body type and then choose the wedding dress in accordance to that.

For example, the mermaid styled wedding dresses are well suited for the body types that looks like a sand hour glass.

On the other hand, for tall and slender body types the bell gown wedding dresses are best match.

So, to look best on the wedding the selection of the correct wedding dress according to your body type is very important otherwise the wrong choice can even ruin the wedding for the bride.

Increasing popularity of retro wedding dresses

Renaissance wedding dresses was worn in the late 1870’s and were in fashion till the 1940’s.

These dresses consisted of a lot of frills and lace and were very tight fitting. The renaissance wedding dresses looked very beautiful and nowadays many women are selecting old renaissance style dresses for their wedding.

There are different styles in renaissance wedding dresses and some of these designs are ball gown, mermaid styled, and strapless.

Lets discuss the most popular and commonly worn styles of wedding dresses one by one:

Ball gown wedding dress

Every girl wants to feel like a queen on her wedding day and that is why the ball gown is really popular wedding dress style among the women of all age that are about to get married.

This style of renaissance wedding dress consists of lots of frills as well as a full skirt with a tight-fitting upper body that perfectly shows the curves of the bride making her appear stunning.

It shows a perfect cinched waistline that is perfect for giving the illusion of a small waist, some girls prefer to layer their ball gown with a little more fabric like the lace to add a bit attractive look.

Mermaid style renaissance dresses

this is one of the most commonly worn wedding dresses and we all have seen a lot of brides and celebrities wearing them on their weddings.

The mermaid style renaissance dresses are also one of the oldest styles of wedding dresses. This dress is suited for the women with curvy body.

This style of wedding dress is perfect for the girls who like to show off their curves on their wedding day to look more attractive.

It is extremely fitted starting from the thighs to the top giving the illusion of an hourglass shape for the girls with a slim or a petite figure.

Many girls like to design them with flowers and lace on top to make them stand out even more and look more attractive.

Strapless and trumpet styled dresses

The strapless wedding dress is not seen in the past but nowadays it is one of the most commonly worn wedding dress styles.

It completely exposes the arms and the shoulders; it is commonly sleeveless but sometimes it consists of sleeves as well.

This style is well suited for weddings in hot climates and summer and tropical areas and is not suited for colder environments.

The trumpet style wedding dresses are like the mermaid style but the difference between them is that the trumpet style is tight around the chest and the waist but loose around the knees making it easier to walk in them compared to the mermaid style.

Mostly the trumpet-style wedding dress has a lot of lace below the knees that slightly exposes the legs of the bride.

They can be combined with beads as well as with frills to make the dress look more eye catching.

Sheath dresses and backless dresses are perfect for slender and petite figure

For the ladies with a petite figure, the sheath dresses are mostly recommended as they highlight their slim figure showing an illusion of a perfect hourglass shape.

This is mostly created with lace and satin fabric while adding some embellished beading to further enhance the look.

These styles of dresses are not much tight-fitting and are easier to move in, these are most suited for the ladies that prefer comfort over style.

The sheath dresses no doubt look very stunning but they are not suited for every girl, if a sheath dress is well stitched it will make the bride look more beautiful but if it is not well stitched it will ruin the wedding look of the bride.

  • Backless renaissance dresses are perfect for brides who want to look stunning

These dresses are one of the most oldest styles of wedding dresses in the history of wedding dresses.

We have all been seeing the backless wedding dresses for many years at wedding ceremonies as well as in the movies and tv series.

They went out of fashion a few years ago but it seems that it is again in fashion since the past few years.

Backless dresses are very popular among women nowadays. The backless dresses are considered very bold and makes the bride stand out on her wedding.

The brides that want to add more silhouettes a backless dress is perfect and when some embellished designs are added to them, they look even more attractive making the bride stand out even more.

The backless wedding dresses are becoming more and more in demand nowadays but not every woman prefers them some prefers other types as well depending on what they are looking for.

These wedding dresses are very well suited for the weddings that are in summer season, or in tropical areas.

For the winter weddings the backless dress is not a good idea because of the cold environment. Visit the Dhgate for more quality products.


There are several types of wedding dresses but the best option is to check each one of them and pick out the one that suits you the best and makes you stand out. The other important factors are that weather. You must always keep the weather. If you select a wedding dress for that has full sleeves and bell gown design for summer season it will only look awful.

Trying out something unique is good but you must check it before getting dress ready so that it doesn’t end up looking terrible on the wedding ceremony. Wedding is a very important event in a women life so taking big risk is a big stupidity, so to look best it is always better to see and try everything before getting the dress ready.

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