Five Great Reasons to Visit Tampa Bay

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What is known about the city of Tampa Bay? The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name of this small town in Florida is the sun, sea, museums, and Busch Gardens. Standard set. Nothing that would make you rush in search of tickets for the coming dates in Tampa. Residents of New York or Washington are unlikely to be attracted by museums.

This is because there are plenty of them in their city. Home to a bunch of parks, museums, and restaurants, and much more to offer. So, don’t think anymore and book lufthansa airlines reservations in any class and save up to 30% on every flight to Tampa Bay. So, board the flight, fasten your belts, and get ready to explore the best places that the city offers.

Find colorful seashells at Honeymoon Island State Park

The appropriately named Honeymoon Island State Park happens to be a dreamy oasis in the Sunshine State. It is one of Florida’s most popular seashell harvesting sites, with a pristine coastline and crystal clear waters. Spend the day looking for unique seashells or take a refreshing dip in the water, then take a scenic hiking trail and spot an osprey and bald eagles.

Go to Sunset Sail (Nearby)

Florida is renowned for its colorful sunsets, and cosmic spectacle of pinks, purples, and oranges. Dolphin Landings Charter Boat Centre use to offer you the impeccable opportunity to see the sunset on their Sunset Sail cruises, the place you can board an extravagant sailing yacht and travel the cool waters of Boca Ciega Bay.

Hillsborough River State Park Picnic

Hillsborough River State Park happens to be a scenic spot to enjoy Florida’s natural landscapes. It is a quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and offers an impressive collection of Class II rapids for adventurous couples. Bring lunch and picnic by the riverside, a camp for an overnight adventure, or bring your bike for a scenic cruise around the area.

Explore Pinellas Park on horseback (Nearby Hotels)

Take a 1-hour guided walk through Pinellas Park with Cypress Breeze Farm, where you will be taken through North Skyway Park to the sandbanks on this unique excursion. You can also explore the backcountry roads through the scenic trail behind their farm, as it’s a great way to see some of the area’s natural beauty with your loved one.

Romantic Evening at Jimmy’s on the Edge Rooftop Bar

Clearwater – Scientology Mecca in the USA. It’s hard to argue with this fact, especially after Tom Cruise acquired a giant residence in Clearwater. However, don’t let that scare you! Plus, Clearwater is Florida’s premier destination for true romance. There are no more spectacular sunsets along the entire Gulf Coast. Book a table at the largest rooftop bar in town, Jimmy’s on the Edge, located on the rooftop of the Edge Hotel. The bar is open 24 hours, and from the height of the 10th floor, there is a panoramic view of the entire Clearwater Beach Island.

Things to do

Cycling the Longest Promenade in the World

Bayshore Boulevard, located along Tampa Bay, is the longest-walking promenade in the world. Its length reaches 72 km. So it will be simply unrealistic to go through it all. If you decide to conquer the longest promenade in the world on horseback, then it is better to start at the pier, near which you can often see the pirate ship Gasparilla, famous throughout Florida.

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Canoeing Near the Getaway Cafe

The Getaway Cafe is located between Tampa and St. Petersburg. This is a very tranquil place in traditional Florida style, serving fresh oysters and making the best rum-based cocktails on the coast. What are the views at sunset alone? However, if you think that people only come to The Getaway to eat, then you are greatly mistaken. Here you can rent canoes and catamarans, and for the most curious – they offer excursions to the nearby Weedon Island National Park. Do you want to visit the labyrinth of mangroves surrounded by pristine nature? Then you are here!

Dancing Till Morning at Crowbar

In the historical part of Tampa, in the Ybor City area, there is the legendary Crowbar live music club. On Sundays, in the open air and in the club itself, there are free parties with the best hip-hop DJs in the city. Dancing on Sunday nights is, of course, somewhat unusual, but rest for that and rest, so as not to follow the rules!


Therefore, for many years, Busch Gardens remained the main tourist attraction in Tampa, having seen that you could safely pack your bags and go home. In addition, there are some splendid beaches and restaurants too. So book your tickets to the US with Airlines Vacations, pack your bags, and head straight to Tampa Bay, Florida, this holiday season.

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