How to Faster Reach the Highest Level in Diablo 2 Resurrected

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How to Faster Reach the Highest Level in Diablo 2 Resurrected

You may level up rapidly in Diablo 2: Resurrected thanks to the game’s rapid leveling system. If you’re looking for ways to speed up the process, this may sound like a snarky statement, but I get it. You and I share your discontent with the present state of affairs and your aggravation with the current situation.

In addition to the fact that Diablo 2 is quite different from other contemporary action role-playing games, it would also take a very long time to achieve level 99 if you used bots, something Blizzard strongly opposes. You’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort to get to the highest level in Diablo 2.

There are 3,520,485,254 XP in Diablo 2’s maximum level, which may be reached with enough time and effort. This, on the other hand, is not the case in any way shape, or form. With a little attention to D2R ladder items for sale, you’ll be alright. When visiting an XP shrine for the remainder of its existence, you’ll get 50% more XP.


Even in the most difficult settings, including Nightmare and Hell, it is crucial to avoid death as much as possible to maximize your experience points. It’s best to play on Normal mode for most of your early levels since you won’t lose experience points if you die in this mode. Do not be cursed by any monsters when using a shrine to keep your XP boost from being erased.


You may have already started thinking about how you’ll accomplish your goals, but I’d want to share some ideas with you on how you might do so. You should finish the whole game if you’re playing D2R XBOX Series runewords for the first time, especially if you’ve never finished the game before. Considering how much Diablo 2 influenced a generation of gamers, the fact that Resurrection keeps the same gameplay and visuals as its predecessor is even more amazing.

If you don’t try to make the game into a math problem, you can get to level 99 a week or two ahead of the rest of the globe by taking your time. As a consequence, you’ll have a better probability of reaching level 99.


Keep a lookout for a few indications that might indicate a calamity is on the verge of occurring. These are a handful to keep an eye on. This is the first and most important object you’ll come across when searching for XP shrines, since it provides 50% XP for the duration of its existence.

The more severe difficulty levels, such as Nightmare and Hell, will result in the player losing experience points for the difficulty level presently being played if the player dies on one of these levels. In Normal mode, if you die while still in the game, you will not lose any experience points. You must avoid being cursed by any monster in order to avoid losing the shrine XP increase and having your character cursed.


Go through Act 1 over and over again until you reach level 20 in D2R items and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. For the second portion of the game, you must murder everyone and everything in your path, including Andariel, and complete every task you encounter, including his. Afterward, exit the game and restart it with the same character, performing exactly what you did the previous time you played. To go even farther, keep doing this until you reach level twenty. Before Nightmare mode can be enabled in Act 1 of Lord of Destruction, the player must have reached level 20 and completed Lord of Destruction’s journey to Baal.


A level 40 in-game character is recommended for this task. If you don’t mind the subject matter, you may repeat Acts 4 and 5 on Normal as many times as necessary. Farm Act 5 until you reach level 60, then do it all over again until you’ve finished Acts 1 through 5. Begin farming Act 1 on Hell difficulty at level 60, then blitz to Act 5 and continue until you are level 99.


You should test this technique from level 20 to 40 to see whether it delivers a more consistent flow of experience points and a more sustainable XP gain while farming Arcane Sanctum. Instead of saying that this is the only or even the best way to get there, I’m saying that this approach will get you there with the smallest amount of work possible. From levels 20 to 40, you may find this way of farming Arcane Sanctum to be more successful in terms of XP flow and long-term XP returns.

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