How do I choose the right set-top box for my TV?

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How do I choose the right set top box for my TV?


There are many solutions present today that make our lives simpler or add value by giving us access to new things. One of these things is the Set-Top Boxor STB which provides our television set with new programs that we can watch. If you own a TV set, then you need to find a Set-Top-Box that is compatible with your TV so that you can enjoy some of the best entertainment available in the world through DTH directly at your home. You also need the right Set-Top-Box to enhance the capabilities of your TV set and get you the best video and audio quality. To choose the right Set Top Box for your TV set you need to follow the below advice and avoid any confusion that might arise in this process.


  • SD Box – The SD Set-Top-Box that is still offered by some DTH providers, is often the most basic set-top box available in the market. The SD box is best suited for the old-fashioned television sets that use CRT technology. It provides access to only the SD channels and you cannot watch HD channels on these. Most DTH providers in India are now discontinuing the sale of SD Set-Top-Boxesand provide amazing deals to the SD customers to upgrade their Set-Top-Boxesto HD. An example of this is the Airtel SD box which can be upgraded to an HD box for only INR 699, along with applicable engineer charges.


  • HD Box – The box is one of the most popular Set-Top-Boxof all time, and it is widely available with most of DTH providers. The HD Set-Top-Boxis perfect for the new age LCD and LED televisions with up to 720p display resolution. It provides access to HD as well as SD channels and it usually comes with a recording facility where you can insert an external USB drive to record your favorite programs. The Airtel HD Set-Top-Boxalso comes with the record and plays feature as well as Dolby Digital sound for a more immersive experience. You can get a new Airtel HD box for only INR 1300.


  • Airtel Xstream and Xstream Premium Box – The Airtel Xstream box is one of the newest Set-Top-Boxesthat is offered by the DTH giant. The Airtel Xstream box has an inbuilt Chromecast that can convert your regular TV set into a Smart TV. This way you can download 5000+ apps from the Google Play Store and stream OTT content directly to your TV set. Apart from these the box also provides 4K video resolution and you can even use the Google Assistant to control the box through voice. You can also use your phone as a remote and a gamepad if you pair it with the TV set through certain apps. The Airtel Xstream Premium box also comes with one year of Amazon Prime subscription at no extra cost.


You just have to pay INR 2499 for a new Xstream Basic box while the Xstream Premium box costs INR 4798. Upgrading from Airtel HD box to Xstream Box is very easy and you only have to pay INR 2050 and INR 250 installation charges. To upgrade your Airtel Set-Top-Boxgo to the Airtel website’s DTH section and click on the upgrade box from the dropdown.

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