How to choose the best blender for your needs considering the value for money?

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Know the operation, types, and use of blenders in the kitchen: characteristics, functions, materials, motor power, and accessories. Buying guide, opinions, and prices.

Working in the kitchen to quickly and easily prepare delicious dishes to offer to friends and family has become even easier thanks to appliances such as blenders, blenders, and mixer.

They are accessories that allow you to perform many operations, which used to be done manually and which required more time.

How to choose the blender?

The electric blender online India is an indispensable accessory in any kitchen, essential even for those who are unfamiliar with the preparation of dishes.

Furthermore, its versatility allows it to be used practically at any time of the day, from breakfast to dinner, preparing juicy orange juices, and mincing the meat for a sauce or a filling.

The blender can basically be divided into two parts:

  • the lower part with an electric motor and ignition controls;
  • the upper part with the container and the rotating blades.

In the lower part, the electric motor allows the appliance to operate, activated by the push-button panel with the different power buttons and different functions, according to the recipe to be prepared.

In the upper part, through the opening, the foods are inserted into the container, which has the graduation on the external sides, visible, so as to know the quantity inserted.

The rotating blades perform the function of mincing, shredding, and homogenizing the food. The container, to prevent part of the food from splashing and escaping, has a lid that can be closed.

To guarantee safety and personal safety, manufacturing standards require that the blender can not operate when the lid is not tightly closed.

How to choose the blender according to the power?

The power of a blender determines the rotation speed of the blades.

A too low potency makes it very long and difficult the operation of shred and grind the food. Furthermore, the machinery could overheat, ending up blocking and even interrupting the processing cycle.

In particular, for operations such as crushing ice, a very high wattage will allow us to perform the operations easily. The recommended base power for a good blender is at least 500 watts.

How to choose the blender according to the jug?

The size of the carafe determines the amount of food that can be introduced. If it is intended to be used only to make delicious smoothies, then the size can also be limited.

If, on the other hand, strong use of the best nutri blender India is expected, for example for the preparation of dishes for a large family, then the advice is to move towards very capacious containers. This will avoid having to empty and refill the container several times, making preparation much faster. Most blenders have a minimum capacity of one liter while larger models can reach two liters or more. Practical models that can be easily transported have smaller jugs of 300/600 milliliters.

The carafe can be made of glass or plastic:

  • glass undergoes much less wear although it has a greater weight and therefore lower ease of use;
  • plastic, on the other hand, can be scratched easily but its lightness allows for easier handling and safety.

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