How To Maximize Water Storage In Tight Spaces

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How To Maximize Water Storage In Tight Spaces

Water is an essential part of survival. Without it, humans may be unable to survive. As such, you should have an adequate supply of water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, and other similar household chores. However, there are instances wherein your local water source becomes contaminated or polluted due to reasons like natural disasters.

When this happens, you should know how to store clean and safe water. Unfortunately, water storage may be complex if you have tight spaces. You may even wonder how to keep enough water supply while conserving space.

In this article, you’ll get a walkthrough of how you can maximize water storage in tight spaces.

  1. Consider Several Water Tank Solutions

Water tanks have been one of the common ways of storing sufficient water supply. However, most tank options are bigger in size, making them difficult to install in properties with tight or small spaces. Fortunately, many tank solutions allow you to take advantage of water storage without worrying about your space. These can include:

  • Underground Tanks: These tanks can be one of the best water storage solutions for tight spaces. Since they can be simply buried underground, you don’t need to use your outdoor living space for storage purposes. For example tanks installed under your yard can come in several shapes and sizes, making them a perfect option for your water needs. Since space no longer becomes an issue, you can use a larger underground water tank on your property.
  • Small Round Tanks: You can also use these water tanks more efficiently, even if you have a smaller space in your house. It’s usually available in 500L to 1000L, multiple small round tanks installed in your property can provide you with an adequate supply of water without consuming a lot of your precious outdoor space.
  • Slimline Tanks: These water tanks can also be an excellent choice for water storage. Although they’re wide, they’re flexible enough to be installed along a border or a boundary.
  • Underdeck Tanks: These tanks can also be a great water storage option for tight spaces because they can simply be fitted below your existing new deck. Even if you have a small outer space, installing these tanks in your property can resolve your water storage problems.


  1. Use Plastic Water Storage Containers

If you’re looking for the best water storage solutions, you may also consider plastic water storage containers. Aside from being inexpensive, they’re accessible and don’t weigh that much. If you have a tight space in your house, you can go for multiple 5-gallon water storage containers. They have convenient handles, which make them much easier to carry.

Use Plastic Water Storage Containers

Depending on your available space, you can conveniently transfer these containers from one place to another to ensure your tight space won’t be a problem. Since they’re made from high-quality plastic, they’re durable, making them appropriate for storing clean and safe water for the long term.

Always keep in mind that having clean water is part of ensuring that you’re healthy in all aspects.


  1. Store Water With Barrels

Another water storage option to try in tight spaces is a drum-shaped water barrel. Unlike the usual large water tanks, you can store water barrels easily in your small yard. You can quickly fill them up with water to their maximum capacity, making them a perfect water storage solution even for tight spaces.

Since they can easily get transferred from one location to another, space won’t be a huge problem. Even if your property has tight spaces, you can make the most out of water barrels as a long-term storage option due to their smaller sizes.


  1. Install A Groundwater Well

Although groundwater well doesn’t seem to be the typical water storage option, it can also be an excellent way of storing water for your household needs. It refers to a hole dug into the ground to access underground water. If you live in a property where water tank installations are impossible, having groundwater well may also be one of the best solutions. You don’t need a large tank or container to store an adequate water supply. All you need to do is use a pipe and pump to pull out the water and a screen to filter out the contaminants and other impurities.

Despite your property’s tight spaces, you can have enough water storage for ordinary and emergency use with a groundwater well.


Bottom Line 

Water plays an essential role in your overall health and other self-care practices. However, your local water source may not be enough to accommodate your water needs. On top of that, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes may contaminate your supply, leaving you with no other choice but to plan for water storage options. However, doing so may be challenging if you have tight spaces.

Therefore, if your home doesn’t have a larger space, keep the information mentioned above in mind, and you can take advantage of several storage options. By doing so, you can have peace of mind knowing you have access to adequate water supply for a long time.


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