Top 6 Ways to Plan Your Ideal Trip Under Budget

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Vacation should be relaxing, but it doesn’t mean you must blow your budget. Travelling with their family is one of the best things a couple can do. A family vacation is where memories are made and treasured for a lifetime. However, this comes at a cost; there is much planning, organizing, and budgeting. Once you are finally on your vacation, you must ensure that you do not overspend and land yourself in debt.  

If you have worked hard enough to save up for your vacation, there is absolutely no reason for you to go over your budget and make your life even more stressful when you get back. You can spend a luxurious vacation with your family on a budget. 

Here are the six ways for you to plan a family vacation to avoid spending money you don’t have to.   

1. Embrace Public Transport 

Public transport such as buses or transports is way cheaper than panes. You could even take your car. Road trips are fun too, but you must be well prepared for it. If travelling through rugged terrains, you can check the land rover roof rack, which should be best for you on your road trip. You need to pick the best route if you are travelling by car.  

One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is whether you’re going to go alone or travel with someone. Both are great options — but they are decidedly different choices too.

Travelling solo gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want. No compromising. You just go wherever the wind takes you! However, it means you have to do all the planning yourself — which can seem daunting if you’re new to trip planning.

Many travel credit cards come with perks like free travel insurance and discounted car rentals. Look for a card that works best for your vacation needs, whether that’s saving on airfare or getting points when you use it for entertainment or restaurants.

If you’re going to use a credit card, make sure you pay if off.  “Always pay off your full statement balance each month to avoid interest, which could negate any potential rewards you’ve earned,” says Miranda.

Most credit cards also have online banking apps you can use to track your spending or lock your card if you go past your limit, to help you stay in your budget. Miranda says he and his wife check their credit cards once a day on vacation to make sure they’re staying within budget.  

The first thing you should do is map out your route ahead of time. Avoiding being lost or delayed and wasting fuel and time is easier when you choose the proper route. But keep in mind that you’re going on a road trip. As a result, the trip should be as thrilling as the goal. You will save a pretty good amount of money if you are planning to travel by car. 

2. Set a Budget before You Start Booking 

Do you have the luxury of time and money? Then travelling on the spur of the moment is fantastic. If you’re travelling on a budget, though, the first step is to make a plan. You don’t need a detailed schedule – just know how much time you’ll spend on each destination, as well as the direction you are going to follow. 

It’s a lot easier to mentally get behind “I am going to Paris in the summer” than “I’m going to Europe” or “I’m going somewhere.” Not only will your trip become more concrete for you and easier to commit to, but it will make planning easier as well…because you know what to work towards. Get specific with your plans. Get detailed. The more focused and concrete your goal, the easier it will be to actually reach it.

Before you plan your holiday, make a budget for it. The most expensive items will most likely be flights and lodging. Plan your trip during the week. The hotels are most likely to have lower prices during the week due to low occupancy. So, you might even get a better rate for your room, food, beverages, etc. It will save you a lot if your booking is for more than two nights.  

3. You Can Travel Out Of the Season 

Budgets are a tedious but essential aspect of the vacation planning process, let’s face it. You don’t want to be in a new place and find you don’t have enough money to eat for the next three days. Put some thought and work into it before you go, and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress when you’re there. 

 Avoid travelling during school vacations since the travel industry raises costs to take full advantage of families who could only travel during those weeks. Find out the best season to visit your desired location, and then travel immediately before or after those days. This is known as the ‘shoulder season,’ when you’ll still have a fantastic time, but the sun will not shine as brightly (but it won’t be nearly as hot). During this time, airlines and hotels decrease their rates to attract their customers. 

4. Spend Your Money on Experiences 

While buying souvenirs for yourself and others may be tempting, this may quickly deplete your budget. Spend your money on experiences and shoot many photos and films, which are both free and will endure a long time. 

To make sure you have budgeted properly, outline the major activities you want to enjoy during your trip and how much they cost. Make any last-minute adjustments to your savings so you can ensure you have enough money. This will also help you figure out if you need any reservations for your chosen tours or activities.

Search online for discounts as well. While some countries offer cheaper prices in person, others give discounts to those who book early/online. Research which is which for your itinerary so you can save money.

For shorter trips, you can also book your activities in advance to ensure you get tickets. For longer trips, book as you go.

Additionally, before you leave home, have a rough idea of what activities are priorities for you. That way, if you run out of time or money, you can focus on your top activities so you don’t miss out. Also, make sure to double-check that there are no holidays or other obstacles that will prevent you from certain activities as well

It is suggested that you perform one free and one paid activity every day to ensure that you have something enjoyable and exciting to do every day while staying within your budget. For example, on a beach trip, you may spend half the day resting on the beach and the other half renting a jet ski or learning to surf. 

5. Cook Some of Your Meals

 When you’re on vacation, it’s natural to want to sample the local cuisine. But dining out frequently might add up and detract from other aspects of your trip. Are you staying for a week or more? Then it’s a good idea to book a place with a kitchenette so you can prepare some fast meals yourself. Also, check whether the hotel you’re staying at has free breakfast or carry leftovers from a restaurant back to your room to eat the next day. 

Purchasing meals at the airport is exceptionally costly; bring a meal or snacks with you to avoid blowing your budget before even beginning your vacation. Make it a rule that you won’t eat in a restaurant more than once a day. Carry essential food items like fruits, granola bars, bread, almonds, and juice for the remainder.  

6. Ensure To Pack Properly 

 Make sure to pack everything you are going to need so you won’t have to go shopping. In adverse weather, bring at least one pair of long pants, a warm sweater, and a waterproof jacket with you everywhere you go.

Time to pack for your trip! It can be tempting to want to bring everything with you “just in case” but when it comes to travel, less is more. You don’t need 5 sweaters or 8 pairs of shoes. You can get by with less, I promise. it’s actually quite liberating once you get used to it!

I travel with a 45L REI bag and then a smaller day bag.

Unless you’re heading to multiple climates and need bulky winter gear, you don’t need a massive 70L bag stuffed to the top. Here’s my suggested packing list to help you take just the right amount of stuff and avoid overpacking (here’s a list for female travellers as well).

While what you pack will depend on where you are going, remember that you don’t need to pack everything you own. You can buy things you need on the road. You can do laundry overseas. At the end of the day, you have to carry everything you bring. So bring less!

Final Words 

Following a budget helps guarantee that you have an excellent time both during and after your vacation. Nothing can kill your vacation spirit except discovering that you have run out of your budget. Knowing precisely how much you have to spend each day and preparing ahead of time provides you with a stress-free and enjoyable vacation.

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