Southern Cities With a Metropolitan Feel

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Although we may think of all southern cities in a rural, cozy way, this is not true of all southern cities. Many of these are large metropolitan areas and we were going to discuss the ones that emanate these vibes.

Atlanta, Georgia

I don’t think there’s a single thing about Atlanta that equates to anything but upbeat and lively. Atlanta offers a reasonable cost of living, numerous attractions, and delicious foods created by the many cultures of the city. This city is home to over 5 million residents and is a national city of commerce. To add to the diversity of the city, Atlanta has a black mayor to represent a predominantly black city and has a thriving LGBTQ+ community. 

Many young professionals love this area because of the active night scene and its job market. There are also a bunch of professional sports that are based out of Atlanta which brings die-hard fans to the area each year for visits. Some of the most dedicated fans live in Atlanta purely in support of their favorite sports teams. 

As mentioned above, the cuisine is a staple of Atlanta. There are plenty of local grub that you can only get in the region such as fried pies and naked dogs. If you try ordering something like that anywhere else, they would probably look at you sideways. Definitely, one of the most recommended cities to visit in the south, Atlanta will give you all the big city vibes with that classic southern friendliness around every corner.


Nashville, Tennessee

The hub of music in the nation, Nashville is home to some of the country’s major record labels. Capitol Records is probably the city’s most famous. Capitol Records is a division of Universal Music Group in Nashville. There is also Sony Records Nashville division and Warner Music Nashville. These are some of the biggest names in the industry and you can find all of them right in Nashville. 

You may be looking into Nashville houses for sale because you are a musician or work in the music industry in some way. However, even if you are not in this industry, you can still enjoy it while you visit or if you decide this is going to be your new hometown. There are plenty of other activities available for you and your family outside of music as well. The Parthenon and Nashville Zoo are some of the best attractions in Nashville. 

There are dozens of historic sites across the city as well that can guide you in the educational history of the city. You can go ziplining at the Nashville Shores or take a food tour throughout the city tasting every bit of delicious grub the city has to offer. The Cumberland River is a great place to relax on a kayak, paddleboard, or fishing boat.

Fort Myers, Florida

We would like to wrap this list up with a warm, tropical metro area that feels like a vacation every day. The temperature here is a tropical savanna climate that sits right in the perfect area between 60-80 degrees year-round. In addition to the amazing weather and beautiful sandy beaches, Fort Myers is a hub of natural conservation. You can swim with dolphins and manatees or adventure into the Western Everglades. 

If educational tours are some of your favorites, you should check out IMAG History and Science Center or the Railroad Museum of South Florida. For more fun activities, you can visit Butterfly Estates where you can be surrounded by thousands of butterflies in this little sanctuary. Fort Myers offers a variety of entertainment for the whole family. 

These cities range from very large to small, but all provide you with the city life vibe. Whether you are looking to move to a more bustling city or just planning an upcoming vacation, we must recommend checking out at least one of these awesome southern cities on your tour.

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