Streamline Your CRM Database With Bright Pattern

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CRM Database: Small business owners and CEOs of large corporations have very different tasks at hand, but their workload has one thing in common—they all need to take customer service very, very seriously. The truth is that any company is only as great as its loyal customers deem it to be. If your customer service is lacking, clientele will happily patronize another service or establishment, leaving your bottom line looking sad and abandoned.

Of course, that’s where CRM (customer relationship management) technology comes in to save the day. You don’t want your customer service representatives bumbling around looking for information—you want them to have all the information at their fingertips. The only problem is when CRM tech makes things messier than necessary. Is the agent’s dashboard showing one set of information when they’re answering phone calls, but another when they’re on a video call or a chat? That’s sure to negatively impact the customer experience. The answer to all of these troubles is contact center software that provides full integration with CRM software, and the only true omnichannel cloud platform to do that successfully is Bright Pattern.

Why do you need to streamline your CRM database?

First of all, streamlining processes saves money, all the pros will tell you that for free. having an agent dashboard that streamlines the integration of CRM software with contact center calling software makes phone calls and other customer interactions move more swiftly. This, in turn, means that your call center reps can either assist more callers or reach out to more potential customers, whatever the case may be. Either way, swifter means more phone calls. It also means less of a headache for your representatives, which makes them do a better job. In this way, you can provide quality assurance simply by making your agents’ jobs easier.

Why does it matter for your call center to be omnichannel?

How often do you wish that you could speak with an agent over the phone instead of chatting with a bot to solve a complicated problem? Or, on the flip side, how often do you wish you didn’t have to click through an endless phone menu just to solve a simple problem a bot could help you with? Innovative companies know that different customers have different needs, and they need various digital channels to meet all of them. Quality management means thinking outside the box about providing solutions for customers in need or agents who are reaching out.

The great thing about these specific omnichannel digital solutions is their integrations. With this open platform, an agent can speak with a client over text messaging or an online messaging app and smoothly transition into phone calls or video calls without dropping the conversation. Going truly omnichannel means that you have a far more powerful cloud contact center, one that will surprise and delight customers who speak with your agents.

Why a cloud contact center?

Gone are the days of rows and rows of callers in a big room, providing on-premises solutions to customers. These days, business users know that they need to provide solutions to customers 24/7 and that the market never really sleeps. That’s why pros are using cloud contact centers that allow them to employ representatives regardless of geographic location.

Your call center manager may be in New York City, but the reps are down in Tampa. All that matters is that you have a team of industry veterans who have the tools they need to provide the best customer experience possible. Of course, the best tools include integrations that connect your CRM and contact center software in a meaningful way.

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