TikTok for Business Social Media Marketing: Yay or Nay?

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Is TikTok a Good Choice for Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing Campaign


TikTok is a platform that has transformed the social media landscape today. By December 2020, TikTok had 2.6 billion downloads globally, and it’s increasing even today. More people are exiting platforms like Facebook and Instagram and migrating to TikTok. A few surveys done globally show that TikTok has indeed overtaken Facebook in terms of screen time, with users spending on average 20 hours a month on it. So, it’s safe to wonder if you as a brand should spend your time and resources on TikTok or not,

Well, you’ve come to the right spot. Here we’ll discuss whether you should use TikTok for social media marketing or not and a few tips on how you can make the best use of TikTok for your marketing campaigns.

Five reasons why you should use TikTok for social media campaigns 

  •     It has a massive audience base that loves to engage with brands 

We already have seen how massive TikTok’s user base is around the world. In Australia in particular, you have over 2.4 million users today, and there’s been on average 52.5% growth in user base the past year. If you’re an Australian business, you’ll have a huge audience base to work with.

Plus, TikTok has a feature where you can share user-generated content and so it becomes straightforward to engage with your prospects. The fun and dynamic nature of TikTok actively encourages constant brand-customer engagement.

  •     You can run local campaigns on TikTok with ease

TikTok is available in 154 countries and can support 75 languages. It’s effortless to create content in local languages and actively engage specific audience groups. This isn’t possible in many other social media platforms because they have limited language support.

  •     TikTok’s verified account feature can help increase your brand reputation 

As with Instagram, TikTok offers an account verification feature. You can get your account verified, and this will increase your brand credibility. Additionally, the legitimacy provided by the verified badge will increase your brand visibility and improve your reputation online.

  •     TikTok Ads allow you to run focused advertising campaigns 

TikTok has recently rolled out its paid advertisement feature, which brands can use to run their social media marketing campaigns. This makes it easier for you to run TikTok campaigns now and get noticed by your prospects.

  •     It’s the perfect platform if your brand/offerings are very visual 

TikTok champions video content, and this is great if your brand, products, or services are visual. You’ll be able to show people wearing/using your products/services and increase users’ visual engagement with your brand.

Five reasons why you should avoid TikTok for social media campaigns 

  •     Success on TikTok depends on trends

TikTok is a social media platform that supports viral trends. If your content isn’t trending right now, chances are it will be suppressed on the channel. It can be challenging to engage with prospects if your content doesn’t turn up on their feed.

  •     TikTok’s marketing features & algorithm are still nascent 

As mentioned, TikTok’s advertising feature is very new. So, there are minimal data about how advertisements function on the platform. Currently, there is insufficient information to track how the TikTok marketing algorithm works. Without this insight, it can be not easy to tweak your campaigns, so they perform better on the platform.

  •     It’s an expensive platform to run ads on

TikTok ads are costly. For example, a single in-feed ad costs $10 per impression. A brand takeover ad costs $50,000 per day. And if you want to run a TikTok hashtag challenge to increase brand visibility, it can cost $150,000 per week!

Yikes! That’s high, compared to Facebook and Instagram, where it costs just $7.19 and $6.70 per 1000 impressions, respectively.

  •     You can’t use mediums other than video 

While videos are a great content format for audience engagement, they aren’t ideal all the time. Unfortunately, TikTok does not currently support any other form, which can become very restrictive for brands doing social media marketing.

  •     There is no guarantee that TikTok will withstand the test of time 

Many social media experts believe that TikTok is riding a temporary high. They think that it may become the next Meerkat, Vine and Yik Yak. These were all were popular initially until they fizzled out. So, if you can afford social media marketing only on one platform, choosing TikTok may be a risk.

Five tips to follow if you choose to run social media marketing campaigns on TikTok 

Let’s say you do want to use TikTok for social media marketing. If that is the case, here are some content ideas you can use to get the most out of your campaigns:

  • Closely follow the trends that are going viral and create content related to those trends. This will help you stay in the limelight longer.
  • Don’t promote your brands to the entire user base of TikTok. Instead, find a niche of users who you know will engage with your brand whether you make trending content or not.
  • Team up with other brands or TikTok influencers to create content. This will increase your brand visibility.
  • Share your story in your own unique and quirky way. People will love to see the real you.
  • Post at least 1-5 times each day on TikTok, with the average being at least three posts.
  • Use hashtags extensively – they’re the best way to increase the reach of your post.
  • Make vertical videos with closed captions. They perform the best of all video formats.


TikTok is an exciting and exciting social media platform. It may be particularly significant to engage with millennial customers. Everything depends on what your brand offers to customers and whether they’ll like it or not. So, give TikTok a try for business social media marketing. As a safety measure, consider getting business insurance to protect yourself and your business. You can learn more about business insurance right here.

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