Treating Dry Eyes with Restasis

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Treating Dry Eyes with Restasis


Restasis may be a treatment for several eye conditions including keratoconjunctivitis and also helps with problems with dry eyes. If for whatever reason your eyes aren’t producing enough moisture or tears, and your eyes are chronically dry or even inflamed, this treatment can reduce issues like itchiness, redness and swelling.


Here could be a closer take a look at the treatment, what to seem out for and where to seek out it. Eye lubrication This is a topical eye cream and might also are available in eye drop form. It helps because the drug helps the attention produce tears in order that it’s now not sore and dry. Its success at addressing the itching and dryness makes a preferred treatment.


The component within the drug that acts to assuage the eyes and help heal them is termed cyclosporine. it’s something that the majority people tolerate well. Potential side effects When you’re taking Restasis it’s important to form sure you are conscious of the more common side effects. Those might include mild itching, possibly a small stinging and a few blurring that ought to pass. Some have also said that it sounds like there’s something in their eye. An allergy might include things like an overproduction of tears and problems together with your vision.

How To Treating Dry Eyes with Restasis

Also explore for swelling, pain, redness and burning. Side effects change from one patient to a different. Listen to your doctor and follow their advice. it’s not a drug for kids or pregnant women and doesn’t take it for extended than prescribed. people who shouldn’t take it are those with eye infections aside from what’s being treated. If you wear contact lenses usually avoid them for the duration of treatment.


Only take as guided by your doctor Always take Restasis under the guidance of your doctor and may you experience any sensitivity or any of the opposite symptoms, consult with them. Follow their directions on how long to require the treatment for and ensure you get rid of the remainder of the medication during a responsible manner. It shouldn’t be thrown within the garbage or down the rest room or sink. Take it to your pharmacist, as you ought to do with all medications that you just are done taking.


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