Using PDFBear to Easily Protect PDF Files

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Using PDFBear to Easily Protect PDF Files

One of the growing concerns during the remote working and online learning setups is the confidentiality of shared documents. Since you are working away from each other, you can’t monitor who is opening your files. There is a possibility that it will fall into the hands of unauthorized persons who are committed to tarnish your reputation and stop your business operations. Knowing this, you are probably anxious about the safety of your sensitive data, which is already affecting your productivity.

Do you have documents containing financial statements, secret trades, bank details, and other personal information? If you do, it is best to encrypt them first before sharing them with your colleagues using social media platforms like Gmail. If you will not share the password, they can never open the file. Keep reading to have an idea of how the protect PDF tool of the website works.

How did PDFBear make protecting PDF files easier?

PDFBear has a wide range of tools designed to address the problems that arise from managing digital documents. It includes a protect PDF tool that is reliable and accurate. You are probably curious about what makes it a viable option compared to applications and software. First, it does not have an installation process that takes a few hours after it finishes. Another thing is that it uses the cloud system, which means that you can access it using any device, browser, and operating system. It will also save you from availing of expensive monthly subscription plans that most software offers. It operates intending to help improve your file management system without asking for any payment. To protect your documents, you have to follow the step-by-step process discussed below.

Step 1. Click the protect PDF button

Have your device with you and use one of its browsers to reach the home page of PDFBear. Then, click the protect PDF button from the tools you can see on your screen. A toolbox will suddenly appear with a step-by-step process below it. You can refer to it when you no longer know what to do next. Upload the file you wish to protect against hackers by clicking the select files at the center of the toolbox. If you are accessing it through your laptop, you will be given the option to just drag and drop it to the website.

Step 2. Type your desired security code

After the tool scans the uploaded document, it will ask you to type your desired security code. It will not proceed with the encryption process if it will not include numbers, capital and small letters, and special characters. It will measure the reliability of your password to let you know if it is reliable or not. You will be required to type in the code again to ensure that you did not forget it. If you can no longer remember it, you can retype a new one.

Step 3. Click the “protect PDF” button

Once everything is okay, you must click the protect PDF button. It usually takes a few minutes or less before it can provide you with the encrypted PDF file. If you compare its speed with other websites, applications, and software, you will realize that it is the fastest tool.

Step 4. Download the encrypted document to your preferred location

You can perform the last step within 60 minutes only. If you fail to do so, the website will require you to perform the process from the start. It is one of its ways to keep your PDF files safe and secure. You can download the encrypted document at your preferred location. If you don’t have access to a strong internet connection, it is best to save it on your device. If you have multiple files that you use to access PDF files, then save them on your cloud-based storage accounts.

Are you looking for additional protection?

If you are looking for additional protection, you may add a watermark on PDF pages using the same website. It has an add watermark tool that can also address copyright issues. With its presence, it will be hard for the readers to claim that they own the document. It can be a logo, a photo, or text depending on what you think is suitable for your needs. If it is the latter, the tool will provide a lot of customization options. The process is the same as how you can protect your documents.

In Conclusion

PDFBear is highly accessible for as long as there is an internet, a device, and a browser. The customer service team will always be happy to assist you with your PDF-related concerns, including encryption and watermarking PDF files. After reading the step-by-step process listed above, you might have realized that even a newbie can protect their files using the website. Visit it now to personally experience all that it can offer!

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