What Does A Messy House Say About You?

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Messy house: Have you ever been to a house with clutters everywhere, or have you visited an office with litter all over? It is natural to have a cluttered or messy environment every once in a while. However, the question is, what steps should you take to make sure that you do not have a messy environment regularly?

Your space should be treated as your mind, as your space is a reflection of your mind. However, it is impossible to see what is going on in our minds emotionally and spiritually. The mess in your house shows the mess inside your mind. It is easy to get rid of unnecessary items with a good junk removal service like Jiffy Junk.

What Does A Messy Home Say About Your Personality?

Whether you are an organized person or you’re someone that has found yourself in a chaotic environment, being in a messy space without doing something about it says a lot about your personality. So what makes you different from other people? Are some people born with a personality disorder? Or maybe some people just love a messy house.

To some extent, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind, but people who find themselves in a cluttered home are not necessarily dirty. Some people might have their entire house full of clutters, but they seem to know where every item needs to be. Some creative and productive people function better in a chaotic environment.

The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud once said, “Don’t clean up the mess. I know exactly where everything is.”

If you’re someone that gets inspiration to be more productive and creative from a tidy room, then you probably have a Type A personality. People with a Type A personality are categorized as ‘’perfectionists”—the feeling of order and control around them.

However, suppose you are a bit relaxed about a tidy house. In that case, you have a Type B personality. People with this personality type are more focused on attractive ideas, creativity, productivity, and experience than becoming perfectionists.

What Does A Messy House Say About Your Mental Health?

Your mental health can be reflected by the junk in your home. Maybe you just feel too lazy to clean up once in a while. But if you have a messy house on a regular basis, it may signify something deeper going on. Perhaps you’d say it’s because of your busy schedule and you don’t have any time to clean up the mess. But then it’s a sign that you have too much stuff going on in your mind, and you need to slow down.

It’s quite normal to have a cluttered house every once in a while. However, if your space is habitually messy, you probably need to question your state of mind. Sometimes, the state of your house might have something to do with your mental condition.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

An extremely cluttered house is evidence of hoarding. This might be a mental symptom linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and needs interventions.


If you are an organized person and suddenly stop caring about a messy house, this is a sign of depression, which means mental instability. Depressed people feel tired and hopeless to keep the regular cleaning routine.

Overwhelmed Feeling

The overwhelming, frustrating signs of mental illness can cause you to have a continually dirty home. In this case, frustration is a sign that you need a junk removal service.

Mistake of Not Cleaning your House Regularly

I understand how boring it is to move things around. But the clutter can actually be harmful to your health. From molds and dust to even pests, clutter can become the house for many undesired residents. These can trigger allergies, asthma, and other diseases.

Not just that, a messy house won’t help if you’re suffering from mental illness either. The topic of health is another strong argument for why regularly cleaning your house is the way to go. By doing so, not only will your mental health stay stronger but also your physical health.

The Solution: Call a Junk Removal Company

Figuring out where to start and how to tackle the problem can be overwhelming. You should draw out a plan and start from certain areas. You can also seek help from other household members to clean up.

After you’ve cleared the mess, there’s no way you’re leaving all that trash in the trash can or your garage. You would need capable hands to help with the last part of this process. If there’s heavy stuff to haul, it makes more sense to call for help. Say hello to a junk removal company and bye to massive garbage and junk. Jiffy Junk is one phone call away.


Once your house is clean internally and physically, it does not mean it won’t get cluttered with dirt again. You need to have a junk removal service to keep the clutters out of the trash can and garage. Keep the maintenance culture by keeping your house clean to reflect your personality and mental health.

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