Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR explains what items frighten lenders

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Marvin Nathaniel Smith

Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR explains what items frighten lenders

Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR well explains what items frighten lenders. Lenders do not have to be overconfident, but simply under confident, because one should never overestimate the trust when lending or even when it comes to borrowing. There is not just one doubt that arises in mind, but so many thoughts at once may overcome the lender.

Here are some factors that may seem to frighten lenders.

Late or missed payments

Clearly late or missed payments can be extremely nerve wrecking. One must have a whole lot of patience to be waiting for late payments, or let alone missed ones. Punctuality should be a huge factor of concern for a lender.

Foreclosures and bankruptcies

Now this will be a circumstance in which the lender will actually not be able to do anything at all, so what is best is to hope for the best because this will be a natural situation that a lender cannot control. Therefore this threat comes as a shock to the lender later, but the lender is vary of it since the beginning of deciding whether to give the loan in the first place or not.

High balances and maxed out cards

High balances and maxed out cards can be a very frustrating instance for lenders. Lenders often tend to check the bank details of borrowers, however, the situation of the borrower may not remain the same over time.

Disappearing acts

Yes, it may seem like a joke at first that someone can disappear forever, but it has actually happened with so many people over time. Doesn’t seem unreal anymore right? People often borrow large amounts and even move to different countries. Yes, that is a real goodbye for sure.

A bad history of not returning loans timely

This one literally works like a personal relationship, you know how we get into a person’s personal history when we are trying to gauge them, that is exactly what it is here. A lender may feel the need to pull back if he or she finds out that a person taking interest in taking loan from them, in fact, has a really bad history.

Minimum payments

Minimum payments may seem like the solution for the person returning the loan however for the lender, it may not seem the best option. Minimum payments irritate the lender as much as non-payments in fact.

There will always be a thin line between being approved for credit and being non-approved, that is just how it is. One must maintain their history, maintain their ability to pay back and also seem presentable in order to impress a lender. If one knows they will not be able to pay the loan back, it is better not to step into the mess in the first place, because it will end in a legal interference sooner or later. In this business, it is better to know the roots and work on them, instead of ignoring them and regretting later.

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