Why Upgrading Your Headlights Is Worth It

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Why Upgrading Your Headlights Is Worth It

Most people drive around with the stock headlights that came with their vehicles, but could you improve visibility and your confidence on the road by upgrading your headlights and taillights? Is it worth the expense and the effort to change components that seem so mundane and straightforward? The answer for most people is “yes!”

Once you’ve upgraded your headlights once, you’ll probably want to do it for every vehicle that you buy. Even though there are a lot of other important upgrades you might want to make, such as better brakes for car stopping and higher-quality tires, your headlights are more important than you might realize. Here’s what you should know about upgrading them.

Do New Headlights Make a Difference?

New headlights make a surprisingly big difference, especially if your stock headlights are duller than you like. When upgrading, you’ll need to decide what types of lights you want instead of your current bulbs. Here are some of your available options and the benefits and drawbacks of each:

  • Halogen: These lights are the least expensive and the most common types of lights. In fact, they’re probably already on your vehicle because they come stock with most vehicles. These types of lights are very affordable and they’re easy to find, which makes them desirable for vehicle manufacturers. The technology they use is a lot like incandescent bulbs, with a tungsten element that’s enclosed inside a casing. These types of bulbs aren’t as efficient as newer options and are fairly fragile.
  • LED: A lot of vehicles these days are being upgraded to LED headlights. They are semiconductors and an electrical current causes them to emit light. LED bulbs come in various brightness and have a unique look. LED lighting is more durable and efficient than the other types of headlights you can buy. In some cases, LED lights have been noted to last for decades! It is important to note that LED lighting is more expensive than halogen or HID lighting.
  • HID: HID headlights are a lot like the fluorescent lights you see in commercial buildings. Light is produced in these bulbs when an electric current passes through an inert gas contained within a cylinder of glass. HID lighting is much whiter and brighter than other types. You’ve probably seen vehicles with HID headlights that practically blinded you when they drove past. This type of lighting is very effective at enhancing visibility on the road. They are expensive, though, and can be difficult to find when you need to replace them.

These are three of the top types of headlights to consider for your vehicle. You can often find them from online car parts providers that also sell other items such as seat covers and Tonneau covers.

Benefits To New Lights on Your Truck

When you invest in new headlights and taillights, you’re more likely to see better when you’re driving. You’ll also decrease your likelihood of needing to replace your lights frequently since newer technologies tend to last longer. If these sound like benefits you’d enjoy, consider upgrading your lights to newer, higher-quality options today!

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