Best The wide range of cutlery in 2022

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The wide range of cutlery

You can hardly imagine that a special piece of cutlery has been invented for it. From a simple fork to a special pastry fork, the variation is now very large. In addition to the different types of cutlery, you also have different colors of cutlery. In this blog we will talk about the different types and colors of cutlery.

Cutlery for the table

When it comes to cutlery for the table, you already have many different types. It goes a bit further than a standard spoon, fork and knife. But there is literally a special cutlery available for every dish. For example, for the starter you have a spoon, fork and knife, but for the main course you have a separate spoon, fork and knife. The cutlery for the starter is smaller than for the main course, since the starter itself is also smaller than the main course.

But there is also special cutlery for the side dishes and small extras that you can put on the table. For example, you have large and small serving spoons, special salad spoons, soup spoons, but also sauce spoons for a pan with sauce for scooping up food. But there is also a special butter knife for the herb butter on the table, or for the small containers you have small spoons or forks.

Cutlery for coffee

You not only have the best for dinner, but also for coffee. You have special coffee spoons to stir the coffee. But also, a sugar spoon that is specially made for the sugar. It turns out that there is a special kind of cutlery for literally everything. But when you enjoy a nice cup of coffee, sometimes a pastry is part of it. And of course, there is also a special pastry fork for the pastry. So, you don’t have to eat your pastry with a big fork.

Cutlery colors

When it comes to the color of the cutlery, the variation is again large. This way you can find the appropriate cutlery that goes well with the rest of the crockery. All types of cutlery mentioned above are available in the following colors. For example, you can choose gold cutlery, Copper cutlery, black cutlery but also just light gray cutlery. It just depends on your preference. And to give it a completely different twist, you can also take cutlery that is half black and half gold.

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