Essentials of a Stylish Living Room

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Are you moving into your dream house soon? As you stand in the middle of the empty living space, you may feel overwhelmed with the thought of setting up this space, that’s not just functional but represents your style and taste. With multiple varied options of furniture, decorative pieces, accessories to choose from in the market, and thousands of ideas floating on the internet, it is natural to feel confused as to what would suit your living room the best.

With dimensional limitations, one size fits all approach is impossible to apply. But few living room basics are a must for nearly any kind of living space. Let’s explore these essential décor items.


FURNITURE:  By far the primary element of a living room is its furniture. It takes up most of the space, and it’s the focal point of your house. Following are some important furniture pieces for your living room.

  • Sofa:  Sofa sets in one such furniture that’s high on investment and is more of a necessity these days. The primary thing to keep in mind when you explore different sofa designs is their functionality. Consider your family size and then finalize the size. Modern sofa sets are available in different upholstery materials, like leather, velvet, linen, soft cotton to name a few. Each one of these adds a different charm to your space and needs a different care routine. So choose wisely.


  • TV Unit: Another integral part of your living room is your TV, after a long day at work, you want to come back home, cozy up on your sofa, and watch your favorite show to unwind. We recommend that you explore tv cabinet design thatis a little bigger than your TV screen size and can hold all your gadgets and gaming console. These kinds of cabinets come with an excellent display and storage space.


  • Coffee Table: A Center coffee table is a must in every living room, it kind of brings the whole place together. There are endless models of coffee tables available online or in stores, from simple, sleek ones to multipurpose nestling ones, you name it and the model, make, material, shape, the height of your choice will be easily available.


ACCESSORIES:A living room is not just about furniture, to make it alluring it’s important to accessorize it well. Let’s see some of these must-haves.


  • Rug: Make your living space attractive with a colorful, soft rug. It oozes warmth and makes your house even more welcoming. Ditch the old boring rugs, go bold with some animal printed rug or something that is in absolute contrast with the other décor items. 


  • Curtains: Often referred to as drapes, these are thesecrete ingredient to complete the look of your living room. A room without curtains gives the whole space a naked look. From sheers to thick silk ones, you have plentiful options.


  • Wall Art:Don’t let your bare walls be a spoiler. Frame some of your travel,celebration, or achievement pictures and make your very own wall of fame.

Alongside these, throw in a couple of stylish sofa cushions, plants, and a quirky wall clock to further accentuate the look of your house.

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