Four ways you can increase traffic to your website

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Your website is an important tool for the successful running of your small business. It provides customers with the information they need to know regarding your products and services, and you may even use it to host an online store. However, with so many millions of websites out there, how can you ensure that customers visit yours? It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to attract your first or 1000th customer; generating more increase traffic to your website is key to customer conversions.

Here are four ways you can increase traffic to your website.

  • Paid social media ads

Getting your business seen by your ideal customer base is essential for driving traffic to your site. With a majority of people having a least one social media profile, running paid social media ad campaigns are a great way to target those customers who are most likely to be interested in your business and products. Consider which platforms your target customers are to be found on when designing your paid social media ad campaign. For instance, Pinterest is very popular amongst niche interests, such as home renovations and DIY crafts, so if your business falls into these categories, Pinterest ads would be a great way to connect with your audience.

  • Link building

Link building is the process of getting another website to add a link to yours, with links from higher-quality websites having more strength. More links from more websites mean that your website will climb up the search engine rankings, meaning that more customers will find your website when searching for similar services. Link building is very important when entering a new local market or when trying to rank in multiple locations or competitive markets to increase discoverability for customers.

  • Invest in your content marketing

Content marketing is all about creating interesting, value-rich content that followers will welcome appearing on their feed, which will, in turn, encourage them to visit your website to find out more about your business and products. The content might be anything from informative blog posts to engaging in Twitter conversations to posting beautiful images on Instagram. Ensure that you post your content on a regular basis to keep engagement. You might like to consider using a social media post-scheduling app to enable you to organize your posts ahead of publication and therefore use your time more efficiently. You can visit Top Pr Agencies

  • Influencer marketing

Online influencers hold a lot of power in terms of online marketing, and their endorsement of your products and services could help to increase the amount of traffic to your website massively. With influencer marketing, you can take advantage of the trust they’ve already created with their audiences. Many influencers are open to marketing opportunities and, as such, have PR contact information on their pages. Find an influencer who shares a similar ethos to your own brand for the best chance of a fruitful professional relationship.

  • Drive traffic to your website with email

A tried-and-true way to generate traffic is email. Email can be a powerful outreach tool to target and inform your audience and to drive people to specific pages on your website. There are 2 main forms of email promotions.

  • Email newsletters can feature useful information and promotions, like sales or events. They can drive audience members to your website to read an article or take advantage of an offer. While these might not bring you lots of new website visitors, they can be a powerful way to generate visits and sales from your best audience: those who already know you.
  • Promotional emails can highlight specific sales or events. For example, you might promote a wine tasting or a trunk show in your store, or a new video you’ve posted. For example, you might promote a wine tasting or a trunk show in your store, or a new video you’ve posted.

In both cases, you can segment your email audience based on data to send tailored versions of your newsletter or offer to the most receptive segments.

“The most important thing in email is that you’re talking to people who want to hear from you,” says Sean Fletcher, Product Marketing Manager at Mailchimp. “And you don’t have to blast the same thing to everyone, because you have access to data that allows you to send targeted content that’s relevant to each person. Let’s say someone purchased shoes from you recently. You can create a segment based on their purchase history and send them email campaigns with your latest shoe styles.”

  • Engage your audience on social media

You may be using social media to post some of the same kinds of content that you host on your website, such as articles, photos, or promotions. Did you know that in addition to amplifying your message, social media can drive website traffic? For example, if your website supports e-commerce, you can promote a sale on social media and drive traffic to it.

A key is selecting the social channel that works best for your message—and that you can manage effectively. This will vary, depending on your business model and the audience you want to target. For example, LinkedIn is a good choice if you want to promote a white paper or webinar to a professional audience, while Instagram lends itself more to visuals, like product imagery.

“You can test to see where you get the most awareness, and that will help you see where you should devote time and resources,” says Jon Holbrook, Product Marketing Manager at Mailchimp.

When you build and maintain your website in Mailchimp, you can easily use that content in social posts, which you can also create and publish on the platform.

No matter where you post, make sure that you drive users to targeted pages, so there’s a clear connection between what they saw in the social post and the link they click on, notes Jon. “Your homepage is designed for a broad audience, so be specific with your landing pages.”

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