6 Bathroom Tiles Trends in 2022

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6 Bathroom Tiles Trends in 2022

Has staying at home for the last two years made you reassess your design choices? If so, you are not alone. A lot of people are finding their homes worn out and outdated.

With the entire family in the same house, the only private space you still have is your bathroom. However, it can age quicker than the rest of your home by being constantly subjected to water and heat.

Changing the tiles is one easy, cost-effective way to give your bathroom a makeover. So, here are the most fashionable tile trends of 2022 to help you do just that!

1.     Timber Look Tiles

If you have a primarily white bathroom, consider timber-look floors and wall tiles. They are a unique way of integrating natural elements into your bathroom.

Each tile is distinctive in its pattern, but it all comes together to impart a beautiful woody aura to your washroom. They are wood-like to look and touch with the advantage of being resistant to warpage and termites. They are even better than vinyl flooring because they last longer, have no VOCs, and are not marked by high heels. So, you get all the styles without worrying about maintenance!

2.     Lineal Tiles

These thin, lean, geometrical tiles took the Australian design industry by storm last year. Their symmetrical design appeals to the contemporary aesthetic, and they are an excellent choice for wall tiles.

The best thing about this is that you can choose to place them horizontally or vertically for two very varied looks. They are the perfect choice for small spaces or curved walls.

An alternative to this trend is Vertical Joint (VJ) Panels. It is a wall panel that looks like vertical wallboards. You can use it to create diversity where you do not want to use tiles on your walls.

3.     Marble and Terrazzo

Marble has been a classic in the tile trends arena. In 2022, large, full-length marbles with minimal grouting are the look you want to go for. This will be a timeless addition to your bathroom with deep veining and muted but contrasting colours.

Meanwhile, a most recent trend is terrazzo, a concrete-like tile. Each tile is unique and available in multiple tile sizes and colours. Using terrazzo will give you a bespoke bathroom that will definitely stand out!

4.     Square Tiles

Revisiting the symmetrical trend, square tiles with thin grouting are a simple but captivating design. They are very aesthetically pleasing and can form outstanding backsplashes. Their straightforwardness allows you to experiment with colours and grouting.

5.     Colour Themes

Two colour themes are making the rounds this year:

  • Light: This theme involves muted and earthy greens, blues, clay, and stone tones.
  • Dark: This theme has more organic moody shades like greys and timber.

6.     Make Your Grouting Do the Talking

You can make your tiles pop with these grouting ideas:

  • Find a fun laying pattern and a contrasting grouting colour for plain tiles.
  • For wood or timber tiles, opt a complementary colour.
  • If you are going for a concrete or stone look, find the darkest colour within the tile for grouting.


This year’s tile trends feature some evergreen designs that can make your bathroom feel new. It is also the perfect opportunity to ensure your waterproofing is up to code.

A minor upgrade can get you a step closer to your dream bathroom. So, what are you waiting for?

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