Dell Alienware Aurora R13 Vs Lenovo Legion 7i: Which One’s Better?

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Dell Alienware Aurora R13 Vs Lenovo Legion 7i:

Dell’s Alienware and Lenovo’s Legion have been in competition with each other for several years now. One cannot go wrong with either option, but can we determine a clear winner between the two? If so, how should one decide? Since both manufacturers offer several options for gaming PCs, we have selected two of the highest-end gaming desktops on offer from each manufacturer for this comparison. Read on as we compare the Alienware Aurora R13 with the Lenovo Legion 7i to see which one comes out on top.

Alienware Aurora R13 by Dell

The Alienware Aurora R13 looks very similar to the Aurora R10 from 2021, but it’s even more powerful inside than its predecessor. As is to be expected from a high-end gaming rig coming from Alienware, the R13 can be as powerful and as expensive as you would like it to be.

There are a lot of options for customization here, but unless you wish to spend over $5,500 by including a RTX 3090 TI 24GB graphics card, 128GB RAM and the best of everything, the followingconfiguration for roughly $2,750 comes recommended.

  • CPU: Intel Corei7-12700KF (3.6GHz – 5GHz) 12 core, 12th Gen processor
  • GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3080 10GB
  • RAM: 32GB DDR5, dual-channel at 4400MHz
  • Storage:1TB NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD
  • PSU: 750W Gold Standard

These specifications are powerful enough to run even the most demanding AAA games like Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077 at 60fps,inultra-settingsand 4K resolution!

Lenovo Legion Tower 7i

The Alienware Aurora R13 2022 is one of the most powerful gaming desktops in the world today, but it is also quite expensive. Since we are discussing top of the line gaming computers here, none of them are going to be cheap and that’s a given. Still, this does not mean you cannot find a better deal for less.This is where the Lenovo Legion 7i (7th Gen)comes in.

You can buy the extremely powerful Lenovo Legion 7i gaming PC directly from for $2,299 right now!Saving about $450 on an equally powerful gaming desktop is a true deal. Let’s check out what we are getting for our money with the Lenovoto confirm whether it really is as powerful as the Aurora R13.

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-12700K (3.8GHz – 4.9GHz) 12core, 12th Gen processor
  • GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3080 10GB
  • RAM: 32GB DDR5, dual-channel at 4800MHz
  • Storage: 1TB Gen 2 PCIe SSD
  • PSU: 750W Gold Standard

Since the specs are almost identical, we can confidently state that the configurations are indeed comparable. As we can see, the Lenovo Legion 7i does not only cost less, but it also comes with faster RAM. Even if we ignore the RAM speed, the Lenovo legion 7i (7th Gen) is just a better deal since it costs about $450 less, without sacrificing anything in terms of power.

What about More Powerful Configurations?

There is a significant difference between how you can configure the Aurora R13 and the Lenovo Legion Tower 7i at the time of your purchase. If you have a budgetclose to $6,250, then it is possible to get an Alienware Aurora R13 in a significantly more powerful configuration. Check the monstrous build below:

  • CPU: Intel Core i9-12900KF (3.2GHz – 5.2GHz) 16 core, 12th Gen processor
  • GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti 24GB
  • RAM: 128GB DDR5, dual-channel at 3600MHz
  • Storage: 2TB NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD
  • PSU: 1000W Gold Standard

As we can see here, this rig will not only cost a small fortune, but the power is alsolikely to be wasted. If you are looking for a gaming PC and not a server, you will not be able to utilize the rig to its full extent. The only exception to this would be if you have an 8K display. If you wish to do so and you have the means to do so, then the Aurora R13 does indeed have the potential to beat the Lenovo Legion 7i in raw power alone.

However, the Lenovo still wins in terms of cost-to-performance ratio. Even for enthusiast class gamers, the performance of the Legion 7i is more than enough to keep them satisfied. However, if you want more power to match the Aurora R13’s highest configurations at a significantly lower price, the Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Workstation is a better option. At roughly $4,699, not only will you save more than $1,500, but the ThinkStationP360 Tower also has more computational power at its disposal than the Aurora R13.

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